Proper diet can lower your risk for repeat hear attacks. Seems pretty self-explanatory and simple, right? Well, all to often individuals who have suffered a heart attack due to high blood pressure do not heed the warning signs and continue to eat poorly, remain inactive, and thus increase their risk for a second heart attack. The assumption is that the doctor-prescribed medications will take care of the issue, when in fact the only true way to naturally lower blood pressure is through diet and exercise.


The Research

In a recent Canadian study, 32,000 individuals from over 40 countries were interviewed over the course of five years. The foods that they ate were calculated, as well as heart conditions and other outlining factors for heart disease. Results showed that those who maintained a healthy diet had a 35% reduction in their risk of death from a second heart attack or cardiovascular disease.


Heart Healthy Diets

Many patients who have suffered a heart attack will assume that the prescription medication will take care of the problem, and they can continue to eat, drink, and exercise (or not exercise) just as they were before the incident. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works. A heart healthy diet and exercise is crucial to avoiding another heart attack, as studies have shown.


A heart healthy diet for individuals with cardiovascular diseases includes increased fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, as well as more fish, less meat, poultry and eggs.


Exercise is also imperative. Getting the heart working again and coursing blood through the body is a wonderful thing, especially if you’ve suffered from a heart attack in the past. Of course, speak to you doctor before starting any workout regiment.


Heart healthy supplements such as arginine supplements have been clinically proven to help naturally lower blood pressure by widening the arteries and thus facilitating healthy blood flow.  Combined with a heart healthy diet and exercise, arginine supplements such as Cardio Juvenate Plus can decrease your risk for a second heart attack.