In the quest to naturally lower blood pressure, one of the things that many people opt to do is cut out the inclusion of table salt in their diets. The belief has long been held that sprinkling table salt over your food would take you well over the recommended daily allowable limit of sodium, causing your blood pressure continue to spike. However, a new study is showing that the inclusion of table salt in your daily diet might not be as harmful as once thought.  In fact, it could help you have longer life.


In fact, when combined with plenty of exercise and arginine supplements, eating salt might actually help you to live a bit longer. In a study done by two Australian researchers, people with Type 2 diabetes that ate less salt were actually shown to be more likely to die sooner. According to the results of the study, published in Diabetes Care, an industry journal, with every extra teaspoon registered in the output of the patients over the course of 10 years, the risk of dying was reduced by up to 28 percent. However, while those that consumed more salt were less likely to die from heart attack and/or stroke, they were also heavier than their lower-sodium consuming counterparts.


The conclusion of the study was that more research was needed to determine how to best balance the consumption of salt in your diet with any adverse health risks. Additionally, the inclusion of table salt must be balanced with efforts to naturally lower blood pressure through the betterment of general health through a more balanced and nutritious diet, increased exercise and the use of certain supplements, such as arginine supplements. Arginine supplements can benefit general health in a number of ways as it increases blood flow to the heart and helps to address a number of other medical conditions.


While there are prescription medication options available to address hypertension, utilizing ways to naturally lower blood pressure may help to mitigate some of those side effects that can come along with using such medications. And while using table salt might not contribute to some of the negative effects of high blood pressure, it can still drive up those numbers, which in and of itself can have health-related consequences. Keep this in mind as you take arginine supplements and do other things to lower your blood pressure numbers.