Hypertension affects one in three Americans and is known as the silent killer because of the symptomless way in which it strikes. You can have high blood pressure years without ever knowing it and by this time, it may have taken its toll on your body, causing the potential for heart disease, stroke and more. However, there are ways to naturally lower blood pressure so that you are bettering your overall health. Arginine supplements, following a nutritious diet and getting more exercise are all ways to resolve hypertension.


Sleep and Hypertension

However, a new study shows that sleep may be yet another way to naturally lower blood pressure. The study, done at the Kurume School of Medicine, showed that in participants that got more quality sleep consistently, hypertension was in better control than those that did not. Since the body uses the time when you are sleeping to rejuvenate, it only makes sense that hypertension is affected by a lack of sleep. The study also showed that those suffering from insomniac tendencies were more likely not to seek medical attention from a doctor, which is the key to naturally lower blood pressure.


Many patients require prescription medication to keep high blood pressure under control. However, these medications generally have side effects that can worsen other symptoms. If you can naturally lower blood pressure, this is optimal because you can avoid these effects while enjoying the benefit of a lower blood pressure. Taking arginine supplements can also help because this essential amino acid reinforces all of the workings of the body, including the heart. It resolves any number of health-related issues and can help your heart to pump blood more efficiently.


Eating right is also a part of your effort to naturally lower blood pressure, as the right foods also help to reinforce your health. Exercise makes your heart stronger and helps you get healthier in general, therefore you should get some cardio in three to five times per week on average to maintain your weight and your overall good health.


However, sleep is large part of this process as well as without a good night of sleep, it is hard to get on the road to optimal health. Getting seven to eight hours per night of quality sleep may help to resolve hypertension and can go a long ways towards your effort to naturally lower blood pressure.