For many, waist size is a point of contention as it reminds them what they are not doing right with their daily dietary needs. After all, the expansion – or lack thereof — in the waist area is a good indicator of how much weight you may be gaining – or losing – and how this is affecting the structure of your physical make-up. However, an expanding waistline may be an indicator of more than a few extra pounds; it may also tell you whether or not you are at risk for hypertension. And if you are, it may be time to start to think about how to lower blood pressure naturally in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. From taking an arginine supplement each day to dieting and exercising to be at a healthier weight are just a few of the steps you might take to reduce the risk for developing hypertension.


The Research

The Mayo Clinic did a study that followed roughly 13,000 people for a period of about 14 years. During the stint of the study, the participants were monitored for a number of health conditions and the occurrence of hypertension was directly correlated to those participants that had larger waistlines. This included people that were of a fairly normal weight and just had a higher waist to hip ratio than others that were more optimally proportioned. In fact, the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event was almost three times as high for people with a larger waist than those that had a lower waist-to-hip ratio.


This is key because one of the indicators of heart diseases lies in the presence of hypertension. The heart works just that much harder to pump blood and with more force, resulting in high blood pressure. This increases the risk of additional health-related issues due to hypertension, which is what the study found in following the participants over the 14-year period.


Talk To Your Physician 

Because of the occurrence of greater heart disease risk and higher numbers of hypertension cases, it is important to try to lower blood pressure naturally and get your waist-to-hip ratio to a more normal measurement. Working with your family physician to determine a diet that is healthy for you as well as an exercise regimen that can help you to accomplish this goal is an optimal way in which to do so. In fact, a diet rich in whole foods, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and a reduction in foods high in fat are all good ways to reduce your waist ratio, which can in turn naturally lower your blood pressure. You may need prescription medication intervention as well, depending on the severity of your hypertension. This is something to talk with your doctor about, as this is not a natural way to lower blood pressure, but rather is a medical intervention that means some side effects in the process.


You might also take an arginine supplement to help in this process as well, since this essential amino acid can go a long way towards reducing blood pressure to more normal levels. This may be an alternative to the medication route and a good way to stick with naturally lowering blood pressure while taking steps to address your overall health issues. If it is important to you to naturally lower blood pressure, then taking an arginine supplements and monitoring your diet is the way to do it. Reducing your waist-to-hip ratio is part of it as this can cause hypertension and contribute to a host of other health issues related to the increased levels of belly fat in the body.