There are a number of risk factors that contribute to the development of hypertension, from poor nutritional habits to lack of activity and heredity. However, other factors may also contribute to the condition, some of which are fully controllable. There are ways to lower blood pressure naturally, first through awareness and then through other natural means, such as eating betters, taking an arginine supplement and adding some regular activity to your day.



One factor for hypertension is a low level of magnesium in the body. According to a study published in the Journal of Hypertension, lower than normal intake of magnesium can raise blood pressure. It can also lead to increase or irregular heart rate, muscle weakness, tremors and muscle spasms and more. Imbalanced levels of blood sugar can also be a contributing factor to the development of hypertension due to low magnesium levels. These health issues can lead to the development of other conditions and health problems, from diabetes to heart disease to hypertension and other health issues.


The good news is that this is a problem easily resolved. Taking supplements, such as an arginine supplements, a multi-vitamin and/or magnesium supplements, is one way to regulate the levels of essential elements in your body. It is far more optimal to lower blood pressure naturally through these means, as prescription medications can often have side effects that affect other aspects of your health. You can also learn to eat more nutritiously, incorporating whole foods into your diet on a regular basis. In fact, including more vegetables into your diet is a great way to get more magnesium on a daily basis without the need to take supplements to achieve this. If you are more comfortable simply taking an arginine supplement versus including other supplements as well, the more veggies you can consume on a daily basis, the more likely it is that you get manage low levels of magnesium – and just about anything else – this way. Becoming more active is another way to naturally lower blood pressure levels and develop a healthier persona overall.