Hypertension is one of the most deadly conditions around because of its silent nature and tendency to get fairly severe before people even know what they are contending with. Blood pressure measures the pressure of the blood in the circulating system of the body, relating directly to the heart rate and the force by which it pumps blood. Blood pressure numbers that go too high can be indicative of a number of problems, and are most often tied to incidences of stroke or heart attack. Therefore, using whatever means possible to lower the number to fall within a normal range is a priority for those suffering from hypertension.


However, the more natural methods are best because they focus on whole health, helping you to get healthy in every way. This includes using arginine supplements to lower blood pressure as well as incorporating stress reduction techniques into your daily routine, eating better and becoming more active. Consider four ways to lower blood pressure using natural means:

  • Using arginine supplements to lower blood pressure: These supplements increase the circulation in the heart and around the whole body, making it so your heart doesn’t work near as hard. And while you can use arginine supplements to lower blood pressure, these essential amino acid supplements offer a host of other benefits as well, including help with depression, resolving joint pain issues and more.
  • Eat more whole foods: This is a no-brainer; the healthier you eat, the healthier you will be overall. Eating more whole foods helps with the next thing on this list.
  • Eliminate sodium in your diet: Processed foods=more sodium than your body can handle. Give it a break by eating whole foods, eliminating processed options and drinking as much water as possible. The lower your sodium intake, the better your blood pressure will be.
  • Get moving – even if just a bit: Even a minimal amount of exercise can work wonders for your health. Talk a walk around the block; even 15 minutes a day can be beneficial to your health.

The more you can control blood pressure without medicine intervention, the less you have to contend with various side effects and prescription medication interactions with anything else you might be taking. Arginine supplements to lower blood pressure and incorporating healthy eating habits and exercise into your routine can work wonders for those that are struggling with hypertension.