As the prevalent of various diseases continues to grow in American society, lowering blood pressure has become more important than ever before. Known as the silent killer, this condition affects millions before they even know there is a problem. Characterized by uncharacteristically high levels of blood pressure, this elevated condition means that the heart is working overtime in the body and this can result in heart attack or stroke. Normal ranges are around 120 over 80. Anything about 140 or 90 is considered high. However, for those that are already compromised – such as diabetics or people with other existing conditions – blood pressure should be around 130 over 80; the closer to 120 over 80, the better, though, because these individuals are already at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke because of their pre-existing condition.


Therefore, hypertension is particularly poignant in those individuals suffering from another condition. High blood pressure can further complicate such conditions and cause even more health problems in the body. This is why it is more important than ever to lower blood pressure using a variety of means.


One of the reasons that high blood pressure is such a pressing health concern is because it often has no symptoms. Some people may have a persistent headache; others may find they tire more easily and more often. However, in many people, there are no symptoms and the condition goes unnoticed for a number of years. This can cause irreparable damage to the heart and result in a heart attack or stroke at a much earlier age than normal.

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If you have any risk factors, and want to start to lower blood pressure, you have to start with knowing your number. For instance, if you have a family history of hypertension or are overweight, you might start to monitor blood pressure at home with a home blood pressure monitor. You should also have it checked by your doctor during your annual visit or more often if he or she wants to keep a closer eye on your condition.


Some of the more natural ways that you can lower blood pressure is through the use arginine supplements, exercise and better nutritional habits. In terms of eating better, the less sodium you can include in your diet, the better your hypertension will be managed. There are a number of foods on the market to help lower blood pressure by including less sodium. This may involve using other spices and seasoning agents that are not high in sodium to flavor food instead of traditional table salt.


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The more whole foods you can incorporate into your diet, the more successful you will be in managing hypertension issues. This applies to alcohol intake as well; frequent use of alcohol can up blood pressure numbers, so keep that in mind and use alcohol in moderation, if at all on your quest for better health.


While you may need prescription medication as well, starting with these methods can ensure that your general health is improved and you are provided with the ability to lower blood pressure. Arginine supplements in particular are beneficial because they promote good health all around. In addition to the ability to lower blood pressure, these supplements also help to develop positive joint health, help to battle depression and aide in other conditions, such as diabetes and erectile dysfunction, to name a few.


It is also important to stop bad habits, like smoking or leading a sedentary lifestyle, as these are greater risk factors for high blood pressure and subsequent heart disease issues.


In fact, being overweight is another risk factor for hypertension and should be considered as part of a plan to lower blood pressure. Losing even 10 percent of body weight can have great health benefits across the board for those struggling with hypertension.


The quest to lower blood pressure is not an easy one, but if you are battling hypertension, it is an important condition to overcome. Checking your numbers, eating right and getting exercise, as well as incorporating arginine supplements and taking medications as prescribed are all great ways to manage hypertension and start your quest to be a more healthier you.