According to a new study recently release, losing a moderate amount of weight in diabetics is not enough to significantly lower the risk of developing heart disease. This is significant news because diabetics already have an increased risk for stroke and heart disease due to the progression of diabetes in their bodies. This is the case despite the level of medical care being received by the individuals in question. This may, however, be old news to those that using multi-faceted approaches to managing both their diabetes and heart disease risk, including components like l-arginine supplements, plenty of exercise and a strict and nutritious diet.


The Research

The study, conducted by the National Institute of Health’s National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, showed that moderate weight loss did affect the sleep, movement and generally feeling of good health felt by those participants that both had diabetes and excess weight. However, the benefit of a reduced risk for heart attack or stroke was not found during the year in which the participants were monitored for the study.


The study involves hundreds of doctors, nurses, nutritional experts and participants and was among the more expensive studies of its type. More than 5,000 people were recruited to participate and had similar traits: overweight with diabetes. The group was also fairly diverse, with minorities and women represented. During the first year of the study, those that received counseling lost about 8 percent of their body weight, with some participants gaining some of it back.


However, at the end of the study, researchers found that there was no difference among study participants that lost weight and those that did not in their occurrences of heart attack or stroke.  The results of this study show that individuals may need to add other tools to their arsenals against heart disease as a diabetic. This may include the use of l-arginine supplements, which not only help the heart to function better, but also aid in the management of diabetes. L-arginine supplements also come with a host of other health benefits that can contribute to all-around good health among those that use them.


Additionally, eating right with plenty of whole foods, taking medications as directed and getting plenty of exercise are all good ways to manage both weight and health and can lower your risk of heart attack or stroke significantly.