Supplements can be a mixed bag, with many people confused about which are most beneficial and which aren’t necessary to be taken on a daily basis. AstraGin is one of those supplements that have a wide range of benefits, though many people don’t realize just how beneficial AstraGin supplements can be. Consider some of the more frequently asked questions about this supplement to know if it is right to add to your group of vitamins and supplements taken on a daily basis.

What is AstraGin?

AstraGin is a supplement that combines astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng, which when combined promotes better absorption of the nutrients that you can take into your body through other supplements, food and water. The ingredients in this supplement have been used for thousands of years in many areas around the world for this purpose as well as to promote general optimal health.

What are the most commonly seen benefits of this supplement?

Among the more common benefit of using AstraGin supplements, general health is a main consideration as is the ability to garner better absorption from those amino acids, glucose and vitamins that promote good health.

I already digest my food and vitamins fairly well; why would I need to take AstraGin supplements as well?

Because digesting your nutrients through food and water sources is not the same as absorbing them.  Absorption happens after you digest your food and vitamins and is important to realize any benefit from those things that you ingest. AstraGin supplements aid in this process and ensure that you do have a health benefit from the items that you take in. Moreover, it helps to increase the rate of absorption of vitamins by roughly 50% and the rate of glucose by 57%. It can also increase the rate of absorption of arginine by more than 60% and the rate of tryptophan in the body by more than 50% as well.

How does AstraGin work?

It works by increasing the molecules in the body responsible for helping the body to retain or absorb nutrients in the body.  This ensures that you realize a benefit from the supplement as you are able to absorb nutrients that much better.

How long does it take to realize the benefit of this supplement?

It depends on the existing condition of a person’s health at the time that they start taking it. Those with existing issues with absorption may start realizing a benefit much quicker than those that don’t already have this issue. However, overall, the result is generally gradual and takes place over a period of time. It should be noted that taking AstraGin supplements on a more consistent basis could help you to realize a benefit even sooner.

Does age matter when taking this supplement?

Yes, it does. Those that are older, and particularly if they are more sickly, generally have it rougher in terms of absorption. AstraGin supplements can help with this in those individuals struggling because of age. 

How long does AstraGin stay in your body?

There are still a number of studies being done on the half-life of this supplement, but most studies state that it is in the body for about 24 hours or longer, depending on the individual in question. It also depends on how many AstraGin supplements you are taking at any given time and with what consistency.

As with any nutritional supplement, it is important to talk with your doctor about the vitamins and supplements you are taking. This ensures that you don’t have any negative interaction among other prescription medications you are taking to address various conditions. Moreover, you can sometimes have negative interactions with the other vitamins and supplements you are taking. This is why you should provide a complete list of medications, vitamins and supplements you are taking to your doctor, so that he or she can take note of everything you are taking and make suggestions for eliminations or changes as necessary. AstraGin supplements can aid in overall health, which is why it is such a good addition to your regimen. You just want to ensure that it is safe to take along with anything else you might be taking as well.