Optimizing heart health can be done in any number of ways, from eating right to taking arginine supplements and monitoring other health conditions that can contribute to the deterioration of the heart. Exercise is an important piece of this puzzle and has long since been the key to weight loss, more energy, increased well-being and a stronger heart. However, conventional wisdom has held that the length of time that you work out is the key to better heart health, a fact that is now being revised to stipulate the better heart health is actually a more vigorous workout versus a lengthy one.


The Research

A new study is suggesting that to improve on your cardiovascular health, a more intense level of exercise is key. For instance, your heart benefits from a shorter burst of brisk activity than a more leisurely activity done for a longer period of time. The study, done in Denmark, followed roughly 10,000 adults aged 21 and older for an entire decade. The more brisk the activity, the less of a chance that participants had of reducing those risk factors that lead to heart disease and related conditions. The study was specific to cardio risk factors, including obesity, high levels of triglycerides, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

At the beginning of the study, published in BMJ Open, an industry journal, participants were questioned about how much physical activity they engaged in. Throughout the followed up period, participants that reported regular intervals of brisk activity had a preventative benefit for heart disease and related issues. However, those that engaged in leisurely activity, even for up to 60 minutes daily, did not have the same benefit.

The results of this study fell in line with another study recently conduct that talks about how there is a certain level of exercise that has to be achieved when attempting to lose weight and how longer isn’t always better. This study was also done in Denmark, but it didn’t look at the diet of participants when considering the rate of weight loss.

The results of both studies show, however, that any exercise at all is better than no activity. This is particularly the case for those people with an eye on good heart health. Even a leisurely stroll is better than not exercising at all and if you can engage in an activity that helps you to break a sweat and get your heart rate up, you may realize a heart healthy benefit as a result. This might include gardening, cleaning, sports or any other activity that you may enjoy on a regular basis; as long as it can make your sweat, you may realize a physical benefit that can lead up to the establishment of a more brisk level of physical activity.


Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Additionally, there are other things you can do to reinforce your heart. A diet low in unhealthy fats and high in lean proteins, plenty of water, fruit and veggies, as well as plenty of whole grains can go a long way towards promoting better health overall, and reinforcing your heart. Additionally, there are a number of supplements on the market that promote good heart health, with arginine supplements coming in as part of the group. An arginine supplement is an important amino acid that resolves a number of health issues, raising the level of circulation in the heart, helping it to function more efficiently. Moreover, it aids in a number of other health issues, including joint health, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes and more. Arginine supplements can be taken in conjunction with other heart-healthy supplements that help you to attain overall better health.

Obviously, for good health, the more you can get up and move, the better results you will have. If you can work in brisk exercise, then you can realize a greater benefit, but it may be something that you need to work up to more slowly. You can start off slow and build up to more brisk activity, realizing better health and a stronger heart along the way. Arginine supplements should be part of that equation, however, you must supplement the benefit of arginine with proper diet and exercise.