High blood pressure is known as the silent killer because it is virtually symptomless and can increase chances of sudden death due to heart attack or stroke. It affects one in every three adults and can also lead to other medical issues. Physicians generally treat it with medication, though there are a number of natural remedies, including arginine supplements, diet and exercise, that can help bring high blood pressure numbers down.

Doctors have sometimes taken a one-size-fits-all approaching to treating hypertension. However, the new trend is considering a patient’s personal health profile in order to determine the best course of treatment. For instance, a person battling a blood pressure of 180/130 should not be prescribed the same medication and milligrams as someone with a blood pressure of 130/90.

Furthermore, it is challenging to treat someone with hypertension and other medical conditions at the same time, and treatment for one may negate the effectiveness of treatment for the other. This is why doctors are now figuring out how to treatment hypertension specific to a person’s health profile. This might mean exploring more natural treatments, such as arginine supplements for hypertension, while treating other issues and getting the patients towards a greater sense of general health.

Arginine supplements are particularly helpful because they increase the blood circulation in the heart, causing the heart to beat much more effectively and without working so much harder. Moreover, there are a number of other health benefits from using arginine supplements, including better joint health, assistance with resolving episodes of depression and enriching heart health.

When using arginine supplements, hypertensive patients can also try eating better and getting exercise in at least three times a week to bring blood pressure numbers within normal ranges. Making the decision on this course of treatment allows doctors to evaluate each patient based on their individual health situation to ensure that the course of care decided is the best option for the patient’s overall health, considering all conditions and health-related issues, in addition to treating the hypertension.

When determining whether or not arginine supplements are the best option, doctors and patients should work together to determine how bad the hypertension are as well as whether or not other conditions are present as well. Moreover, patients should let doctors know if they are taking arginine supplements in conjunction with other medications to avoid negative interactions.