For a number of years now, heart disease has been the number one killer of all adults in the United States. However, according to a report released by the American Cancer Society on September 17, cancer has now topped heart disease in the number one slot for Hispanics in the U.S. This could be due, in part, because of the benefits of taking an arginine supplement and greater education about staying healthy and avoiding heart disease risk factors. However, this could also be because this population on the whole is younger in age than non-Hispanics and cancer tends to kill people at a much younger age than heart disease usually does, according to the Associated Press.

AP also reports that advances in heart disease treatments may also be responsible for bringing down the number of deaths significantly. In addition to things like arginine supplements, people also are more aware of what they are eating to control weight and getting more exercise. However, cancer has advanced because while the focus has been on healthy eating habits and getting plenty of activity on a daily basis, there might not be as much awareness for ways to prevent cancer. This includes vaccines for hepatitis B and HPV, as well as education regarding the reduction of tobacco use. Moreover, U.S. Hispanics can lower cancer-causing behavior by lowering alcohol consumption and controlling obesity, which also contributes to lower rates of heart disease.

There are a number of ways to both lower risk for heart disease and cancer among all populations. Watching what you eat is one way, as the more processed your food, the more likely it is to cause obesity and other illnesses. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery aisle for the freshest food and invest in whole foods and organic choices where possible. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products and avoid being around those that do, as second hand smoke can be lethal even if you have never touched a tobacco product. Moreover, utilize supplements, such as reaping the benefits of l-arginine, to enhance your overall good health and build up those essential amino acids in your body that help you down the road to better health. Arginine supplements are just the first step to becoming a healthier version of you and combined with other efforts can help you to stave off a host of diseases and conditions.