As if there weren’t enough ways that your heart could be adversely affected by stress, researchers have discovered yet another form of stress that ups your risk of heart attack. Work-related stress. That’s right, when your boss is putting the pressure on you for yet another magnificent presentation or to make a new project more than amazing, he may be pushing you further towards heart disease. Sure, you can take arginine supplements and reap the benefits of arginine, specifically if you also eat right and get plenty of exercise.


However, you also need to find ways to mitigate the stress. The study showed that the risk is particularly high for those employees that are not able to control their work-related stress, such as retail employees that have to often deal with large and frequent influxes of crowds coming into their stores or advertising employees that are often tasked with important presentations to woo new clients. A researcher associated with the study noted that these individuals were more likely than their less-stressed counterparts to suffer an initial coronary episode, such as a heart attack.


The good news here is that there are ways to mitigate this issue. For instance, taking arginine supplements comes with the benefit of arginine. This amino acid not only helps you to reduce depression and other mental stress, but also increases the circulation in your heart, allowing for greater blood flow. Another benefit of arginine is that is lowers blood pressure, calming your system and creating healthier conditions in your body. There are a host of other health benefits of arginine, from controlling diabetes to helping with weight loss, which can also slow down the development of heart disease in some people.


Other ways, in addition to the benefits of arginine, include getting plenty of non-work-related activity time in and making sure you are eating properly. In fact, good nutrition can go a long way towards preventing heart disease. Moreover, the more you can reduce work-related stress – such as getting organized and preparing with extra time allotted before large projects – the more you may be able to avoid any work-related heart episodes. Making sure to get check-ups in a timely fashion are also good ways to avoid heart disease, as your doctor may be able to help you slow down or recognize when you are headed the wrong way, health-wise, towards the road to heart disease.