Many people mistakenly think that it takes a ton of high impact exercise to make a difference in heart health. However, a new study is showing that even moderate workouts with low-impact resistance can help people to get even healthier. Moreover, by combining low to moderate impact workouts with natural supplements, such as l-arginine and l-carnitine, people may realize even greater benefits to heart health that can carry them into old age successfully.


The study was published “Circulation,” which is a journal publication of the American Heart Association. The study looked at 4,200 individuals and measured their level of physical activity, including everything from walking briskly to gardening to playing recreational sports and more. The lead author of the study discussed how more intense exercise and sports are not the only important parts of working out; leisurely activities are important as well, particularly for older individuals as it ensures that they are at least getting some activity on a daily basis.


However, activity is not the only key to successful aging. There are a number of other steps that can be taken to protect the heart and keep older people feeling better with more energy. Natural supplements can enhance general health. For instance, l-arginine is an essential amino acid that reinforces heart health and increases the blood flow through this all important muscle. It also helps with a number of other ailments, including joint health, depression and erectile dysfunction, all of which are issues that can get worse with aging.


In addition to low impact exercise, taking l-arginine supplements and l-carnitine, which is also an essential amino acid that works much in the same way as l-arginine, nutrition is key. Proper nutrition can ensure that aging individuals have more energy and better health. A diet high in fat, sodium and cholesterol can contribute to obesity, which in turn can cause heart-related issues. The combination of l-arginine, frequent exercise and the development of good nutritional habits ensures overall good health. The more proactive people are about their general health, the more likely it is that they will be better able to physically navigate as they age.