When it comes to battling high blood pressure and other heart-related issues, there are a number of medications and treatments you can utilize to treat them. Beta blockers are among the more commonly used medications to get the job done and bring blood pressure numbers back under control.


Beta Blockers

According to a National Nutrition and Health Survey done in 2008, for instance, Filipino adults have high blood pressure at a rate of one in four. One in 10 Filipino adults have pre-hypertension, which equates to blood pressure readings of 130-139/85-89. However, this is not a health issue unique to this particular group; there are a number of other groups that struggle with high blood pressure, including African-Americans. Hypertension can pre-empt a number of other diseases and health conditions, including heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and congestive health failure, to name a few. Beta blockers works to widen the blood vessels and slow down the heart, making it easier for this important muscle to facilitate the flow of blood throughout it.  They slow down nerve impulses, which is the reason the heart slows down a bit and your blood pressure lowers.


There are a number of different types of beta blockers; first generation blockers work on receptors in the heart, while second generation blockers block different types of receptors in the body. The type that is going to work best to treat your high blood pressure depends on how bad your hypertension is and what other lifestyle factors are at play. After all, controlled diet, plenty of exercise and sleep and the least amount of stress possible can also work in conjunction with beta blockers to bring down your high blood pressure numbers and keep them down. Taking your beta blockers properly is also key; if you start taking them and suddenly stop without weaning your body off of the medication, you run the risk of heart problems developing from abruptly ceasing the medication. You should take them in the evening or right before bed as the slowed heart rate may in turn make you feel more tired than usual.


However, the end result of the lifestyle changes and the ingestion of the beta blockers is a healthy blood pressure, which means that you are on the road to better health and a greatly reduced risk of future heart disease threats. Just keep in mind that the beta blockers are part of an overall regimen designed to get you healthy; your high blood pressure isn’t likely to improve much if you don’t make changes to your lifestyle – particularly in terms of exercise — despite the fact that you are taking the beta blockers on a daily basis.