Family history plays a significant role in the development of many disease processes and conditions. Particularly when it comes to high blood pressure and subsequent heart disease, your family’s history might be the first precursor you notice to developing either one. While you can utilize a natural alternative for high blood pressure, as well as medicinal treatments, you first have to realize that you are contending with what is known as the “Silent Killer,” because it is often symptomless.


High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

In some instances, you may not even have issues with blood pressure yet, and simply may want to know if a family history predisposes you to the development of this problem. This is a good start because awareness is the first tool in your arsenal to fight high blood pressure. The heart disease that can develop from high blood pressure is the number one killer of women in the U.S., despite the fact that women are affected roughly 10 years later than men, on average. However, 80 percent of heart disease issues can be prevented, and high blood pressure is one such case. In fact, some people can use a natural alternative for high blood pressure to avoid the need for prescription medication and start to stave off this problem before it spins out of control.


Family History and Risk

Family history is certainly one risk factor that you cannot control; however, taking a natural alternative for high blood pressure – such as L-arginine – and maintaining a healthy diet are two ways that you can combat this condition, as well as other adverse effects on your health. Also, plenty of exercise helps to keep blood pressure at a healthy level and aids in maintaining overall good health. Keep your levels of stress fairly low, so that you don’t inadvertently contribute to high blood pressure. If you are a non-diabetic, then you are aiming for numbers under 140.90; however, if you are diabetic, then you want to maintain a pressure of 130/80 or under. It is also important to refrain from smoking of any kind to avoid eradicating the effects of taking a natural alternative to high blood pressure and flushing all of your hard work to be healthy right down the drain.


While your family history certainly puts you at risk, you can still control the other factors that pre-dispose you to high blood pressure. A natural alternative to high blood pressure, such as L-arginine, and a healthy way of living that includes plenty of physical activity and a nutritious diet, are all great ways to combat any family history that may put you at risk for high blood pressure and subsequent heart disease issues.