Menopause is an experience that affects every woman differently. It is characterized by the end of the menstruation process forever, which means the end of the fertile period for a woman. For some, it is fairly minor inconvenience that may result in a few hot flashes and a shift in hormones. However, for others, it is a much more aggressive process that results in a lack of sleep, emotional ups and downs that rival even the worst days of PMS and a marked change in the way the body processes hormones. Some benefit from hormone replacement therapy, while others make do with a combination of prescription medication and natural remedies, such as arginine supplements.


In fact, treating the symptoms of menopause naturally – in addition to medically, as needed — ensures that you are taking a whole health approach to the process. For example, arginine supplements, which offer much-needed amino acids in the body, can ease some of the symptoms and boost your health in other ways. The increased immune function, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and better emotional control that come with taking arginine supplements will also help you feel better as you go through menopause. And you will have lasting effects from taking arginine, while the process of menopause isn’t a permanent one, lasting no more than 12 months in most cases.


Another positive benefit of using arginine supplements as you go through menopause is that they can help greatly with the hot flashes that make this natural process hard to deal with. Hot flashes are characterized by periodic flashes of feeling overly heated, often marked by sweating and discomfort, and can last for several minutes at a time. They can occur many times over the course of a day, though they most often happen at night, disrupting healthy sleep patterns. Arginine can increase the circulation in the body, helping to regulate muscle function and decrease the hot flash response in menopause. It also ensures that when you do have these flashes, they are much less severe.


Arginine supplements are just one part of dealing with menopause naturally. Eating right, getting plenty of rest and exercise will go a long way towards increasing your sense of well-being. It also helps you to develop healthy habits that will last long beyond the menopause process and help with good health and longevity well into the aging process.