One of the common precursors of heart disease is the presence of high cholesterol, which can choke off the heart by building up in the arteries of what is arguably your body’s most important muscle. Statins are drugs that address this problem by lowering cholesterol in the body, so that heart disease is less likely to develop. People may take statins and other cholesterol-lowering medicines and vitamins – including arginine supplements – to obtain better all-around health.


arginine supplements to lower cholesterolHowever, a new trial has results that fly in the face of this theory. According to a review of statins in the Archives of Internal Medicine, these medicines are not as effective in men as they are in women. The trials showed that statins taken by men were enough to prevent recurring heart attacks in men and women, but did not show a benefit for women that suffered a stroke or other cause of death due to heart disease.


This doesn’t mean that statins should be disregarded for women in general. It just means that women may need to reinforce their hearts against disease in other ways. For example, including arginine supplements in a daily regimen is a good way to lower cholesterol and keep rich blood flow going through the heart, keeping it pumping efficiently. Arginine supplements have a host of other health benefits, as well, making it an optimal addition to a daily regimen of vitamins and supplements aimed at supporting healthy habits. Moreover, the more you can naturally become more healthy, the more likely it is that any supplemental steps – such as taking arginine supplements and statins, if need be, will work that much better in staving off problems from high cholesterol.


While the study had its flaws and researchers guarded against taking the results too literally, it simply brought about a reminder that men and women go through the heart disease process differently and often with different symptoms and results. Taking arginine supplements, eating right and getting plenty of exercise are also ways to fight against higher cholesterol numbers, which in turn indicate a future of fighting heart disease. Give yourself as many chances as possible to deal with heart disease by taking supplements and living in the healthiest way possible, so that if you do need to take statins, you stand a much better chance of beating the odds.