Intimacy is a huge factor in the confines of any relationship and without it, a relationship can go sour in a hurry. There are a variety of different ways that couples or individuals can try to spice up the intimacy in their relationships. Just simply trying to relax and enjoy a better physical closeness with your partner, L-arginine supplements may be among the last factors considered in this arena. And yet, it may actually help the most.


L-Arginine for Sexual Health

L-arginine supplements provide a host of physical benefits for those that take it. From increased circulation around the heart to lowering blood pressure and helping with weight loss, this important amino acid should be a stable in anyone’s supplement regimen. However, the last thing people may think to use L-arginine for is in the bedroom. Yet, one of the health benefits of L-arginine supplements is assistance with erectile dysfunction. Since it also increases blood flow, those private areas may feel even more sensitized, resulting in a more frequent desire for sex. This contributes to a healthier sense of intimacy since you are more sensitive to the physical interaction between yourself and your partner.


This amino acid also helps you to feel like you have more energy, which may mean more energy to devote to being intimate. When you feel exhausted and constantly run down, your sex life is generally the first thing to go. When you have more energy, you are more apt to devote that extra energy into intimacy with your partner, which has an overall beneficial impact on your relationship. In fact, extra energy that results in greater intimacy often carries over into other aspects of your relationship as well; you may find yourself devoting more time to your partner or being more attentive to them even outside of the bedroom because of the increased energy and feelings of well-being that you now have thanks to L-arginine.


There are other things you can do to improve your sex life, including exercising more and eating better. The better your general health, the more you are apt to feeling “in the mood” and taking those steps towards intimacy with your loved one or partner. Adding L-arginine to the mix only serves to make you feel that much more ready to create the sex life you and your partner have always desired.