Maintaining heart health is an important part of maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. Heart disease is one of the most common health conditions affecting Americans in contemporary society, and is also among the more preventable health issues. While there are plenty of medical interventions to prevent heart disease, there are an equal number of natural alternatives to keep this condition at bay. Natural alternatives for high blood pressure are varied and included certain supplements, diet and exercise and a well-balanced diet that keeps your heart healthy and beating strong.


Amino Acids

Foods that are great for your heart include those that are rich in probiotics and amino acids. For example, yogurt is a good example of a food that both tastes great and is chock full of probiotics, which enrich your general health and reinforce your heart. Raisins are another great food to combat heart health because they have bacteria that reduces inflammation in the gums; people that battle gum diseases often double their risk of developing heart disease over time, which is what makes this food one of the better natural alternatives for high blood pressure.



Whole grains are also great to protect against heart disease because the phytoestrogens found in foods with plenty of whole grains help to stop build up in the coronary arteries. Additionally, whole grains have antioxidants that help to protect the body against a host of other diseases as well, including some types of cancer. However, when you are incorporating whole grains into your diet, be aware of whether or not the food in question is actually made of whole grains as some foods have other additives that make them less healthy for you.



Beans are another source of heart health nutrition, as they are made from soluble fiber and help to lower cholesterol. Lower rates of cholesterol mean a decreased risk for heart disease because there is less build up in the heart’s arteries. This is the case for any foods high in fiber as well, as they help to lower the rates of high cholesterol in the body.



Natural alternatives for high blood pressure are centered on exercise, diet and healthy supplements. Any time you can resolve a health issue in a natural way, you should consider pursuing it. Even if you are forced to go the medicinal route, natural alternatives are still a great way to develop and reinforce healthy habits that both make your body function optimally and make you feel better overall.