High blood pressure can be a serious health issue for many Americans; however, for others, it is simply a temporary condition in response to times of stress. For example, white-coat hypertension occurs in people that have an innate anxiety associated with going to the doctor. Also known as white coat syndrome, there are a number of things you can do to address this issue, including reaping the benefits of supplements like L-arginine to lower your blood pressure no matter what the situation.


White coat syndrome is characterized by blood pressure readings that are abnormally higher when taken in a clinical setting, such as a doctor’s office. However, blood pressure readings, when taken outside of a clinical setting, read as completely normal. When this happens, it is important to communicate with your physician to help them understand if you are feeling any anxiety surrounding your visit. This gives the doctor the opportunity to make allowances for this syndrome when considering your numbers.


Additionally, doing things to lower your blood pressure in general may help to stave off white coat hypertension. For example, boosting your amino acid intake by taking L-arginine will help your blood pressure to go lower and stay there. The benefits of L-arginine are widespread and don’t just apply to lower blood pressure readings; additionally, you can enjoy better circulation throughout your body, increased energy, assistance with weight loss (if you need it), better moods and more. In fact, the benefits of L-arginine have proven to help address an array of physical and mental issues, including helping to lower your blood pressure.


It is important to talk with your doctor about reaping the benefits of L-arginine through its inclusion in your daily supplement regimen. If your doctor prescribes you something to get those pressure numbers lower, he also needs to know what else you may be taking to help lower your blood pressure so that there are not interactions between any medications he may prescribe and your L-arginine supplements.


You may not be able to lessen your anxiety about going to the doctor, but the benefits of L-arginine help to ensure, at least, that your blood pressure will be low enough to counteract any white coat syndrome that may occur during your next visit. Then, you and your doctor can focus on other potential health issues, comfortably knowing that your blood pressure numbers are within healthy limits and completely under control.