The words ‘natural’ and ‘all-natural’ have been tossed around in every food realm you could imagine, From all-natural breakfast cereals, to breads, to cookies and crackers, to meat and mash potatoes. Just the other day we discussed the difference between all-natural and organic foods. But what is the real difference between all-natural supplements containing arginine and synthetic supplements? Which arginine supplement is better for your body, will reap the greatest benefits for heart health and will give you that boost of energy? Let’s take a look:

What are Synthetic Arginine Supplements?

When we say ‘synthetic supplements,’ the common reaction is a negative one. Synthetic products mean unnatural, unhealthy, and the exact opposite of what we want. While this is partially true, synthetic supplements can, in fact, also be useful for specific purposes.all natural arginine supplement

A synthetic arginine supplement is produced by extracting certain elements of substances without using the entire substance, or synthetically creating and replicating that substance in a lab. For example, let’s say that you want to increase your whey protein intake. You could drink a bunch, I mean a bunch, of milk, which is where whey protein naturally comes from. However, in doing so you’d greatly increase your fat intake which would counteract your healthy purpose. So, you take a whey supplement which is probably a synthetic supplement, either created in a lab or extracted from the source and synthetically tweaked.

Sounds ok, right? In reality, by extracting only the whey from the milk, you are losing many of the natural elements within the milk that help your body fully absorb whey in a natural way. Because many synthetic supplements extract one element from this source and another element from another source, they need to include chemical compounds to help the body absorb these elements.


What are Natural Arginine Supplements?

Arginine is found naturally in many of the foods that we eat, including nuts, poultry and fish. It is important to understand that even though many elements within supplements are found naturally in our diets, extracting them for supplements can change their composition and how our bodies digest them. Natural supplements will usually have a more beneficial balance of active elements, making it easier for the body to absorb them. Many times, synthetic supplements will leave much to waste in our bodies simply because we are not built to absorb them properly. However, with natural substances the balance should be just right so that nothing goes to waste.

Finding that balance between arginine, citrulline, carnitine and other active ingredients in l-arginine supplements can be the trick between synthetic and natural. Because all active ingredients are extracted from natural sources, such as poultry, veggies, nuts and fish, they began all-natural. To keep that natural element, supplement producers must balance all ingredients so that the body can naturally absorb them. We believe that Cardio Juvenate is one of the few arginine supplements available that has found a balance between all of its natural ingredients so that the body can efficiently absorb them.