Living in Arizona, we know how important drinking plenty of water is, especially in the summer time. When temperatures can easily rise to over 110 degrees in the valley, water is our number one resource. It not only keeps our bodies healthy, refreshed and replenished, it remarkably helps to keep our blood pressure low. While all-natural alternatives to beta blockers such as l-arginine supplements are a wonderful addition to that water of yours, simply getting enough water every day can help you keep your blood pressure low.

Hydration Hypertension

Not all high blood pressure needs treatment with prescription medication and beta blockers. In fact, many individuals with high blood pressure can cure themselves naturally with the proper diet, exercise, l-arginine supplements and plenty of water. Water is an amazing thing that our bodies not only need to survive, but need to maintain a healthy existence.

In Arizona, it’s not uncommon to see residents at the grocery store, mall, even at work with a water in hand. It’s crucial in the hot summer sun, when we tend to sweat out gallons of water a day and are in dire need of keeping that water replenished.

Technically speaking, our bodies become dehydrated when there is a 66% water loss from the interior of the cells, 26% water loss from the environment around the cells, and 8% loss from the vascular system. When this begins to happen, the body will restrict blood vessels to try and preserve fluid. Restriction of the blood vessels is what causes high blood pressure, which, through dehydration, can lead to stroke and heart attack.

By simple depriving yourself of water you are creating a great deal of stress on your blood vessels, thus raising blood pressure. Dehydration is truly not that different from high cholesterol in that it restricts blood flow. While high cholesterol levels will restrict blood flow by clocking the arteries with plaque build-up, and is more of long-term complication, dehydration restricts blood vessels by depriving them of fluids. While dehydration is a short-term complication, it can be just as deadly.

How To Avoid Dehydration Hypertension

Luckily, there is one simple solution to avoiding dehydration hypertension; drink plenty of water! In fact, mix in some Cardio Juvenate with l-arginine every morning before work to add an extra heart healthy benefit that will help to increase circulation and lower blood pressure. Try to avoid drinking ‘other’ drinks, especially sports drinks, as alternatives to water throughout the day. These other drinks can actually be dehydrating in nature. Water is always best.

Cardio Juvenate, mixed with water, is your solution for high blood pressure! Avoid dehydration hypertension, especially in the Arizona summer sun, with Cardio Juvenate!