It is officially National Women’s Health Week, as proclaimed by the president just yesterday. May 13 through May 19 will be known as Women’s Health Week, and will be used as a tool to ‘encourage all Americans to celebrate the progress we have made in protecting women’s health and to promote awareness, prevention, and educational activities that improve the health of all women,’ the president said.

Just as the month of February is Heart Health Month and is associated with Valentine’s Day, so now Mother’s Day will be associated with National Women’s Health Week. While it may or may not have been a political move doesn’t truly matter in the course of this discussion, what matters is that it is a wonderful opportunity to take a closer look at women’s health, specifically women’s heart health.

National Women’s Health Week is a Great Time to….

Take advantage of this educational opportunity to get some things done, like:

  • Get your yearly physical exam!! Moms, daughters, sisters and grandma’s are so busy with work, family, friends and a million other responsibilities that sometimes they put off getting in for that yearly exam. It’s easy to forget to schedule one, or simply forget to go in, or put if off for something more important. What is more important than your health?
  • Get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked!! We can’t stress this enough. With the hustle and bustle of daily life and the stress that is often associated with it, the fast food lunches and missed workouts, your blood pressure might be much higher than you ever thought. Get it checked while you’re at the grocery store or local pharmacy. It takes two seconds, and will give you some insight into how healthy you are.
  • Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and take your supplements!! You know that we’re all about all-natural, all-organic living here at Erase Disease. Our heart healthy supplement with l-carnitine and l-arginine is a great way to combat hypertension, as well as many of the symptoms from menopause. Busy days easily lead to fast food lunches and dinners, missed breakfast and not staying properly hydrated. It’s extremely important that you put your health first. Take care of yourself and your body by eating healthy and making healthy food choices.
  • Get active, stay active!! You’re a mom, you’re busy, we get it. That’s why taking our l-carnitine supplement with you throughout your day can improve your energy and help your heart stay healthy. But you need to get active to remain heart healthy. Make time to go for a run or hit the gym. Even a dip in the pool will do wonders for your heart and your stress levels.
  • Take time for yourself!! It’s incredibly difficult for moms to take time out for themselves, this we know. But it’s crucial that you do things for you  and you alone. Reduce stress, laugh, smile, feel motivated and positive about life by doing the things that you love to do. Take a class at the local gym that boosts your spirit. Take a walk with the dog or go for a bike ride. You may not realize it, but the stress that builds up in your system from ignoring your needs can wreak havoc on your heart.