When you get a prescription for any new medication, it can be source of fear and apprehension. Questions ranging from how long you need to take the new medication to what potential side effects may exist from taking it and beyond may plague you. Even taking L-arginine supplements may leave you wondering if they are supplements you will need to take indefinitely.


High blood pressure and the subsequent treatment of it is a precarious thing. You want to ensure that you address both the source of the hypertension – i.e.  weight, diet – if possible and manage the high blood pressure so that you don’t suffer from adverse health effects as a result. There is the potential for heart attack or stroke, as well as myriad other health problems associated with increased blood pressure numbers, so any medication you take it meant to help address those problem.


In short order, generally, when you get on a blood pressure medication, you take it long term. However, if you go through an extreme life change, such as dramatic weight loss or an increase in your activity level that is sustained over time – i.e. you go from a couch potato to a regular jogger – and combine those life changes with L-arginine supplements, then you may be to wean off of blood pressure medication and take a supplement that is natural and better for you in the end.


However, it is important to undergo such a transition under the careful eye of a trained physician. Coming off of blood pressure medication requires frequent monitoring to ensure that there are no adverse effects from taking the medicine long term and then ceasing use. Moreover, it is key to ensure that the L-arginine supplements are enough on their one for your specific hypertensive condition; sometimes, it takes a combination of L-arginine supplements and traditional medication to get blood pressure in line with where it should be.  The point is to work with your doctor to determine where you are and to express your desire to avoid being on blood pressure medication forever. There are numerous people that are able to get off of the medication once they make lifestyle changes.


The point is to get to a healthy enough place in your life where you aren’t taking blood pressure medicine forever. It is an achievable goal and very possible, particular through the use of L-arginine supplements to create an all-around state of good health.