Men and women deal with stress differently. We all know this on a subconscious level, but what are the statistics behind this. How does stress affect the heart health of men and women? Who is more susceptible to heart attack and cardiovascular issues because of stress? Who can receive the greatest benefit of l-arginine for heart health? Some new information out of Penn State has taken on some of these topics.

According to recent findings by Chester Ray, PhD, from Penn State’s College of Medicine and Hershey, as men and women become stressed their heart rate increases and blood pressure rises. This is common on both sexes. However, in men as their heart rate increases and blood pressure rises, blood flow to the heart also increases to help the heart work harder while under stress. In women, blood flow did not increase even as the heart rate did and blood pressure rose.

This remarkable difference between men and women in terms of heart health can mean that women are far more susceptible to have cardiovascular issues.

The difference might explain why women are more likely than men to have heart problems after emotional upset, such as the loss of a partner, Ray says.

Granted, the study was small and has not yet been published in a peer reviewed journal, but it is interesting and the first step in much research to come.

Broken Heart Syndrome

We often talk about Broken Heart Syndrome at because of it’s amazing impact on women. There is a strong link between emotional state, stress and heart health. Back in November we posted an article title “Broken Heart Syndrome – How Stress Impacts Heart Health” on our website:

Broken heart syndrome is exactly what it seems to be, a syndrome that occurs during overly emotional experiences. Researchers at the University of Arkansas have recently found that women, who are also at a greater risk for chronic pain conditions, are at least seven times more likely to suffer from broken heart syndrome than men.

Broken heart syndrome can happen in response to shocking or suddenly emotional events — both positive ones like winning the lottery, or negative ones like a car accident or the unexpected death of a loved one. A flood of stress hormones and adrenaline causes part of the heart to enlarge temporarily and triggers symptoms that can look like heart attack: chest pain, shortness of breath, irregular heart rhythm. The difference is that the factors that would normally cause heart attack, such as a blocked artery, aren’t present.  (

Overall, the study found that women had “about 7.5 times the risk of broken heart syndrome as men.” And while researchers are not entirely sure why there is such a dramatic difference in numbers, one theory is that hormones play a role. Another, according to the Associated Press, is that men have more adrenaline receptors on cells in their hearts than women do, “so maybe men are able to handle stress better” and the chemical surge it releases.

L-Arginine for Heart Health

Stress is a fact of life. Whether it’s emotional stress, mental stress, or physical stress, there is always something pulling at us. With the new study out of Penn State showing how stress affects women’s hearts in a negative way, plus the information on Broken Heart Syndrome, it’s extremely important for women to take care of their heart now.

With l-arginine supplements, like Cardio Juvenate Plus, women can began to take control of their heart health. Of course, exercise, proper diet, and kicking bad habits are an absolute must as well, but arginine supplements can help as well.

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