The benefits of L-carnitine are far reaching and extend to any number of conditions and diseases found in the body. Even the act of maintaining general good health can be helped by using L-carnitine as a part of your daily vitamin regimen. In fact, taking L-carnitine supplements can aid in controlling diabetes, help to reduce angina, increase blood flow through the body to assist in bettering vascular disease and more. It helps to combat fertility issues, erectile dysfunction, hyperthyroidism and aids in weight loss and fitness.


In fact, many people that have serious fitness regimens often use L-carnitine to help build up their immunity and increase strength and stamina. It is naturally-occurring and can be found in red meat, poultry, fish, wheat, peanut butter, tempeh and more. You can use L-carnitine supplements and eat a diet rich in foods that contain this amino acid to get the greatest benefit out of it.


L-Carnitine and Brain Benefits

However, one area where L-carnitine supplements are causing quite a stir in a good way in the increased brain benefits of this important amino acid. Researchers recently discovered that taking L-carnitine supplements as part of a daily vitamin and supplement regimen may well help to combat Alzheimer’s Disease and other similar dysfunctional brain conditions that cause decreased mental abilities and functions. Currently, in the U.S., more than 5 million people are battling this horrible disease, which essentially robs you of your health and your ability to function in your environment and your life in general.


The study specific to Alzheimer’s took place in China late last year and showed that the presence of L-carnitine in the body improved memory issues related to the disease by amping up some of the very important nutrients and chemical compounds in the brain. While the study was done on rats, it proved very promising for those suffering the horrible mental debilitations of the disease. During the study, the rats were given L-carnitine supplements, which resulted in suppressed some of the chemicals that cause the severe dementia associated with Alzheimer’s.


While these findings need to progress further before human trials can be explored, it is one of the more hopeful signs that there may be a way to use natural supplements to fight the effects of Alzheimer’s. And because L-carnitine supplements have so many overall health benefits, this is just one more way that adding it your daily regimen can benefit you even down the road.