Diuretics and beta-blockers, the common medication for hypertension (high blood pressure) can cost you anywhere between $30 to $200 a month, and that’s not including a trip to the physician for prescription refills. In 2000, adults in the U.S. spent over $30 billion on prescription medication to lower high blood pressure! With that said, there are all-natural solutions to high blood pressure, L-arginine supplements being an effective alternative.


What are Beta Blockers? 

Beta blockers are an incredibly common prescription drug that attempts to maintain a healthy heart. When adrenaline is released into the body, either from the ‘fight or flight’ response or from stress or excitement, your heart rate elevates as does your blood pressure. A beta receptor’s job is to process information from the nervous system and stimulate the body in the case of released adrenaline, resulting in the elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

Beta blockers attempt to block the beta receptors from stimulating the body to perform it’s natural response when that adrenaline is released. They suppress the natural stimulatory impulses and lead to a slower pulse rate and reduced blood pressure. Beta blockers can also dilate the blood vessels, just as l-arginine supplements do, to help keep blood pressure low.

Foods that Act as Beta Blockers

Along with arginine supplements like Cardio Juvenate, there are many foods that act as natural beta blockers. When combining these heart healthy foods with Cardio Juvenate, you can naturally decrease your risk for heart disease and ultimately your dependency on beta blockers.

 L-arginine-molecule Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid that has the ability to vasodilate, or widen, your arteries to increase circulation and naturally lower high blood pressure. While arginine can be found in grains, chocolates and nuts, taking a liquid arginine supplement daily can drastically improve your circulation and lower blood pressure.
 cardio juvenate smoothy Potassium-Rich Fruits and Veggies such as bananas, white beans, potatoes, raisins and orange juice. Mixing some orance juice and bananas into your morning Cardio Juvenate shake can add a one-two-punch to lower blood pressure.
 seafood for heart health Seafood, pork and beef contain the L-arginine amino acid, which reduces blood pressure, according to EHow.com.
 natural alternative to beta blockers Chamomile Tea is wonderful for relaxation and lowered blood pressure.
 garlic natural alternative Garlic:Garlic in a healthy diet is crucial for it serves so many purposes. In the case of blood pressure, garlic has been shown to help reduce high blood pressure.
 omega 3 for heart health Omega-3 Fatty Acids:Fish oil and Liver oil can improve your blood pressure and help lower your risk for heart disease, thus acting as a natural alternative to beta blockers.


The Cost of Hypertension

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, about 60 million Americans are obese and another 48 million are overweight; obesity costs families, businesses, and government about $117 billion a year in health care and related costs. Obesity is a rising epidemic in the U.S., and one of the top contributing factors to high blood pressure and heart disease, including stroke, heart attack and death.

While 65 million American adults have hypertension, over 45 million U.S. adults have “prehypertension,” or a blood pressure that is above normal but not to the level of hypertension yet. And, according to the Center, over 90 million U.S. adults will fall into the category of hypertension and high blood pressure within the next few years.

In April of 2011, WebMD published a report regarding the ‘most-prescribed’ drugs in the U.S. Of those, Generic Zocor, a cholesterol-lowering statin, Lisinopril, a blood pressure drug, and Generic Norvasc, another blood pressure durg were numbers two, three and five on the list.

In 2010, Americans spent $7.2 billion on Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering statin, and $3.8 billion on Crestor, a cholesterol-lowering drug.


All-Natural Solutions for Hypertension vs Conventional

Prescription medication and blood pressure drugs as those mentioned above contain unnatural substances that are not commonly found within the body, the liquids we drink or the foods we eat. These medications alter our brain chemistry, hormones, mentality, and often come with many side effects.

Many prescription medications ‘trick’ the brain, so to speak, to not feel pain or to feel the opposite of what our body is telling us. They are designed to mask the problem, cover it and manage it, rather than focusing on fixing it and living healthier. Unlike all-natural solutions like L-arginine supplements, prescription medication leaves the patient at risk of dependency and a lethargy to making the necessary lifestyle changes that can improve overall health and well being.blood pressure prescription medication

All-natural solutions to hypertension like L-arginine supplements are far better for the body, the brain, and your overall well being. Arginine is one of the most common amino acids and is naturally derived from not only within the human body, but from dairy products like milk and yogurt, as well as plant sources such as nuts, oatmeal, seeds and soybeans.

While arginine is derived from the earth, hypertension medical such as beta blockers and diuretics are made from a ‘beta-adrenergic blocking substance’ that ‘blocks the effects of a hormone called epinephrine in the body, also known as adrenaline. The beta blockers basically block the beta receptors, which are protein molecules that process messages sent out by the nervous system. Beta blockers also help to widen blood vessels, just as l-arginine supplements do, to reduce blood pressure.

Every individual will react differently to both beta blockers and l-arginine supplements. While they both provide similar solutions to hypertension, they are derived and produced very differently. And when considering cost, l-arginine supplements are far more affordable. However, it is important that you speak to your physician about all-natural alternatives to beta blockers like arginine. While prescription medication might be the right choice for you, l-arginine supplements can achieve the same results when combined responsibly with exercise and a healthy diet.


While these are just a few all-natural ways to keep your blood pressure low, there are literally a thousand different things that you can do to avoid a beta blocker regiment. L-arginine is a huge benefit to those who are looking to go the all-natural route in maintaining, even lowering blood pressure. Taken with a healthy diet, the foods mentioned above, and exercise you can reduce your high blood pressure.