Cardio Juvenate does more than improve heart health, it can literally change lives. We’ve got the most amazing customers and clients who have experienced the amazing difference that this arginine supplement makes in their lives. From improved energy to lower blood pressure and menopausal benefits, there really is no end to what arginine, carnitine and some citrulline can do for your body.


natural solution for menopauseTake Kathy, for example. As someone who has struggled with high blood pressure while going through menopause, Kathy had seen every physician and specialist available. And then she tried Cardio Juvenate. I’ll let her tell the rest:


I consider Cardio-Juvenate my little fountain of youth. I just turned 49 and went through “the change” of menopause, and what a change it was. My skin textured changed, my body composition changed, my blood pressure changed (and went through the roof often peaking at 190/116– ON all kinds of blood pressure medicine), my sleep patterns changed, my energy level and strength changed–dropped dramatically. A past body-builder, first place powerlifter, swimmer, gymnast, and triathlete, I was quite distressed over all these changes to my strength, energy, and body composition. But worst of all were the debilitating hot flashes and night sweats along with the dangerously high blood pressure. Having always been “younger than my years”, I aged about 10 years in just one year of “the change.” No prescription medicine was working to help bring down my blood pressure or relieve me of the hot flashes and night sweats which kept me from getting any sound sleep for months on end. I feared I was destined to live a sleepless, sweat filled life. Then my niece gave me a jar of cardio-juvenate for Christmas; I started using it on Jan. 1, and the hands of time have been turned back! Within two weeks, my hot flashes and night sweats started decreasing; they are now gone completely. Sound sleep has returned to me at night. Blood pressure is now in the normal range of 120s/70/s (often lower). Energy and strength are returning. Body is firming back up a bit. And my mind is sharp! I noticed the “brain power” right away. I can just think more clearly, more focused, more critically.

I am definitely a proponent of cardio-juvenate and would definitely recommend it to any one looking for better blood pressure, more energy, and more strength, but most of all, I would recommend it for women going through “the change”!