We’ve all heard the statement ‘everything in moderation.’ Yes, you can have that piece of chocolate cake, just not the whole cake. Yes, you can have that glass of beer, just not the entire 6-pack. And yes, you can have red meat, just not the entire cow. Most cardiovascular diseases are completely preventable with proper diet, exercise, and all-natural l-arginine supplements like Cardio Juvenate. However, a new study recently published by Harvard University is making a lot of waves with regards to heart health.


Red Meat Consumption

Using data from two long-running studies of health professionals, researchers tracked the diets of more than 121,000 middle-aged men and women for up to 28 years. Roughly 20% of the participants died during that period.red meat and heart health


On average, each additional serving of red meat the participants ate per day was associated with a 13% higher risk of dying during the study. Processed red meat products — such as hot dogs, bacon, and salami –appeared to be even more dangerous: Each additional daily serving was associated with a 20% higher risk of dying. – CNN.com


We’ve known for many years eating red meat every day is harmful to our hearts. Red meat is packed full of cholesterol, saturated fat, and is known to have carcinogens on the surface. Add processed meat to that mix and you’ve got additives that are known to be cancer causing.


Harvard researchers suggest substituting red meat with poultry, fish and nuts. These foods are low in cholesterol and saturated fat, and high in the elements that our bodies need to survive.


Isn’t there L-Arginine in Red Meat?

Yes, there is l-arginine in red meat, and we all know that l-arginine produces Nitric Oxide, a key element in cardiovascular health. While you’re probably thinking, ‘doesn’t the l-arginine in red meat counteract the cholesterol?’ In reality, there is plenty of l-arginine in red meat, as there is in nuts, but there are far more elements of saturated fat, carcinogens and cholesterol to outweigh the good l-arginine.


L-arginine lowers blood pressure by increasing vasodilatation and facilitating healthy blood flow. When we eat too much red meat, we are potentially clogging the arteries with plaque build-up from cholesterol within the red meat. While L-arginine does lower cholesterol levels, the more red meat that you eat the harder it is for all-natural supplements like l-arginine to battle that plaque build-up that is occurring within your arteries.


Preventing Heart Disease

Based on these findings, the researchers estimate that substituting one daily serving of red meat with fish, poultry, nuts, legumes, whole grains, or low-fat dairy products would reduce the risk of dying in this stage of life by 7% to 19%. If everyone in the study had slashed their average red-meat intake to less than half a serving per day, the researchers say, 9% of deaths among men and 8% of deaths among women could have been prevented. – CNN.com


Most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented. It’s a sad but true state of affairs when preventable diseases are the number one killers in America. By maintaining a healthy diet with all-natural heart supplements like l-arginine, exercising, avoiding bad habits, and living mindfully with low stress, we can dramatically lower our risk for dying from heart disease.