Being male is an “independent risk factor for death from heart failure,” according to a new analysis of over 40,000 men and women recently published in the European Journal of Heart Failure. It is common knowledge that heart disease takes more women’s lives than any form of cancer. In fact, if you were to combine all forms of cancer and compare them to heart disease deaths, there would still be 60% more deaths from heart disease. And yet, research continues to show us the intricacies of this tragic disease, how many risk factors can be controlled and uncontrolled, and how l-arginine supplements can help reduce your risk.

New Heart Study

In an attempt to remedy this, an international team of researchers examined three years of follow-up data on more than 40,000 heart failure patients in the study, published in the European Journal of Heart Failure.

The analysis revealed that:

  • The overall death rate was similar for both genders, with about 1 in 4 patients dying during the follow-up.
  • When the researchers took age into account, though, men had a 31% higher death risk than women, and male gender was an independent risk factor for death.
  • Women with heart failure tended to be older than men (average age, 70 vs. 65) and they were more likely to have a history of high blood pressure (50% vs. 40%). – from

According to accounts from WebMD, over 5.7 million American suffer from heart failure, although women tend to develop the disease later in life then men. However, both within the journal and within the WebMD article, both sources cite the lack of women volunteers for these types of heart disease studies, and the possible inaccurate results.

In the study, researchers did point out that women were far less likely to take prescribed medication to combat heart disease, which baffles the scientists even more as to why women live longer with less heart disease treatment.

There are a number of potential explanations for the benefits in women, they said. For instance, the female heart appears to respond to injury differently, as women seem to have less ventricular remodeling, preservation of right ventricular function, and protection against ventricular arrhythmias, neurohormonal activation, genetic mutations, myocyte necrosis, and apoptosis.

Some of these advantages could be tied to pregnancy or sex-specific differences in gene expression, they said, adding that further study is needed to determine the exact biological reasons for better prognosis in women. –

L-Arginine for Heart Disease

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