Does L-arginine really improve blood circulation? Can it help deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells in the body? Is this just another ‘magic’ supplement that really doesn’t come through on it’s promises?

We’ve heard it all, but the facts speak for themselves. L-arginine does improve blood circulation by producing nitric oxide, dilating the arteries, and improving overall heart health. And Cardio Juvenate has just the right dosage of L-arginine to provide the greatest benefits.

L-Arginine Improves Blood Circulation

L-arginine synthesis creates nitric oxide, the key component in healthy circulation. Without L-arginine, proper synthesis could not take place and the body would lack nitric oxide. While the body does not necessarily need L-arginine supplements to create additional nitric oxide, there are many, many situations in which athletes, bodybuilders, those at risk for heart disease, and weekend warriors prefer to take L-arginine supplements like Cardio Juvenate.

With L-arginine, nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, meaning that it dilates or widens the arteries in direct response to certain stresses or signals from the body. When the body senses a stress or injury in a certain area, it will release signals to the brain to release nitric oxide, which will vasodilate the arteries and increase circulation to the affected areas. With increased circulation, blood pressure decreases as nutrients and oxygen reach the cells in need.

With L-arginine, nitric oxide also helps to protect epithelial cells that line the arteries by decreasing the tendency of monocytes.  Monocytes are large white blood cells that adhere to the artery walls, where the epithelial cells lay, limiting those cells beneficial qualities. Epithelial cells are crucial for fluid filtration, blood clotting, the formation of new blood vessels, and the ever important vasodilation. If these cells become damaged by monocytes, the arteries will not respond to the body’s stress signals and will not widen to allow for increased circulation. Without increased circulation, blood pressure rises and a whole host of heart conditions can occur. However, L-arginine with nitric oxide successfully protects the epithelial cells to maintain healthy circulation.

L-Arginine Supplements

Nitric oxide is produced primarily via one key element, L-arginine. Through a chemical reaction, nitric oxide is synthesized thanks to L-arginine.  With an L-arginine supplement like Cardio Juvenate, you can lower your blood pressure by improving circulation. As your blood circulation improves, your body will receive the natural nutrients and oxygen that it needs to sustain a healthy living.