The benefits of arginine are widespread across a range of health conditions, disease cycles and the body in general. While many people opt to take the L-arginine supplement to boost levels of this essential amino acid in the body, still others opt to get their nutritional benefits from arginine with food. In fact, the benefits of arginine do start in the foods that you consume that contain this very important component. Consider adding arginine rich foods to your nutritional regimen to get your daily dose, and enjoy those health benefits that come about as a result of regularly ingesting arginine in your body.


Nuts: Nuts are good for you on so many levels, from the protein they provides which results into energy to the arginine present in these healthy fats. In fact, nuts may just be the best source of arginine you can get, as peanuts contain three grams per every 100 grams that you consume.


Spinach: Spinach is an excellent source of protein and has solid levels of arginine in each bite. In fact, the more you can incorporate nutrient-rich spinach into your regimen, you may find that the healthier you are overall, in part because of the presence of arginine in your body.


Red meat: Okay, red meat may not necessarily be all that great for your heart, but it sure is great for adding some additional arginine to your body. The leaner cut of meat you can consume, the healthier it is for you to ingest in your body. Cuts of meat that are too fatty can result in adverse health effects down the line, despite the presence of arginine in your body.


Soy: Soy has been all the rage for some time, and the presence of arginine in soy may be part of the reason why. The benefits of arginine combined with the health benefits of soy mean that soy-based products should definitely be incorporate into your diet. For example, soy protein isolate has more than 4 grams of arginine in a 200 calorie serving.


Eggs: No more worrying about egg whites only; now, you can eat the whole egg if you are trying to reap the benefits of arginine, since the yolk in particular is rich in protein and thereby rich in arginine. Just keep an eye on your cholesterol when you are consuming eggs regularly, as they have been known to drive up those numbers as well.