Within our Cardio Juvenate blend we have the benefits of L-arginine, the benefits of L-carnitine, vitamin D3, and red wine extract. Most often we come across the question, “there is red wine in your heart healthy drink?” Well, in a way you could say that, but the reality is that red wine extract is not alcohol but the polyphenols and trans-resveratrol within the red wine. Let me explain the benefits of red wine extract.

What is Red Wine Extract?

Red wine is made up of many beneficial, and not so beneficial, ingredients, even anti-oxidants. It’s these anti-oxidants that are heart healthy and have proven to be advantageous for those concerned with heart disease.blog_heart healthy red wine

The anti-oxidants, polyphenols, anthrocyanidins and resveratrol within red wine is what benefits the heart, and so it is these extracts that make up the red wine extract in Cardio Juvenate.

How are the Benefits of Red Wine Extract?

Studies and simple observation has shown the instances of heart disease among populations who consumer more red wine is dramatically less than populations like our own, which consumes high fat, high carb and beer-over-wine diets.

Resveratrol has been shown to activate the human enzyme that is in control of body weight and metabolism. By activating and stimulating this important enzyme, red wine extract works well with L-carnitine in Cardio Juvenate to facilitate a healthier metabolism, increasing your workout weight loss results. Both red wine extract and L-carnitine work together to rev up the metabolism, burning more fat and producing more energy for the work day or the workout.

Polyphenols are important for cardiovascular health by eliminating free radicals, which are well known to create a host of health problems. Polyphenols have also been shown through studies to limit the odds of an individual from developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. French researchers found red wine extract to be helpful in preventing and treating ischemic heart disease.

As with L-arginine and L-carnitine, red wine extract is yet another incredibly heart healthy supplement that we proudly add to our formula.