L-arginine supplements have picked up steam in popularity for their numerous health benefits. It has proven to be wonder supplement for many people in need of something to reinforce heart health and aid in generating more energy and a better sense of well-being. However, a source of confusion regarding these supplements is the difference between L-arginine and arginine. Individuals may wonder if because of the difference in name, there are two versions of the supplement. However, this is not the case. While they are different in name, the core component of the medication and the beneficial effects of are not relative to which form of the component is used in the supplement.


Arginine is a naturally-occurring amino acid found both in the body and in some of the foods you ingest.  Generally, when people refer to arginine, they are talking in terms of the chemical components of this acid. L-arginine is used when referring to L-arginine supplements and the acid as it is found in the body and in food.  The “L” refers to a specific form of arginine as there are 20 components of it; “D” is another form of arginine, though the “D” version of this acid is generally used in a lab for research.


In terms of supplements, L-arginine is the most commonly taken form of this acid. It is also the version of the acid that people talk about when mentioning the vast array of benefits of L-arginine. Those benefits include better heart health, which may be garnered through better blood circulation; faster healing of wounds; better waste facilitation through the kidneys; and better hormone function. People that are suffering from jaundice or sepsis or those that have a protein deficiency can also benefit from taking L-arginine supplements as these conditions can cause the body to produce less L-arginine naturally.


L-arginine supplements can be taken as part of an overall whole health regimen. While arginine and L-arginine acids are the same, you can generally only find the “L” version in supplement form.  However, notwithstanding the name, the benefits are the same.