L-arginine heart benefits are almost unbelievable. If we walked up to someone on the street and said, “take this l-arginine supplement and you will have lower blood pressure, sleep better, and just plain feel better” we would probably get laughed at. I’ll be completely honest, hearing the numerous heart benefits of L-arginine is like listening to a car salesman. And I’ll be the first one to tell you that I was a skeptic in the beginning. I was a skeptic for the first few weeks. And then things started to change, not only for me but for others I knew who were giving this l-arginine supplement a shot. Then we started to research the facts, and found that the claims are true.

Heart Benefits of L-Arginine Supplements

There are a lot of claims regarding the heart benefits of l-arginine. The easiest way to clear up the confusion is to provide you with the research, the discussions, and the testimonials for each of the claims that we at EraseDisease.com have found to be absolutely true.


L-arginine has been scientifically proven to restore sinus rhythm, or the normal beating of the heart. See L-Arginine and Arrythmia for the studies.

Blood Pressure

It’s no joke, and no laughing matter. High blood pressure affects 1 in 3 adults in the U.S. Lowering high blood pressure is one of the key elements, and the most popular heart benefits of l-arginine. The truth is in the research and the testimonials of those who have literally watched their blood pressure return to normal after supplementing with Cardio Juvenate.

Read more about the way l-arginine lowers blood pressure.

Read testimonials and watch our happy Cardio Juvenate clients review how this l-arginine supplement has changed their lives and lowered their blood pressure. Watch Video Now

High Cholesterol

By lowering your ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, l-arginine benefits your heart. Read more about the research involved in proving l-arginie’s ability to lower cholesterol levels here. Or watch Deena’s video regarding how Cardio Juvenate improved her workouts and lowered her ‘bad’ cholesterol levels.

Heart Disease

L-arginine works by increasing production of Nitric Oxide, and by increasing circulation through vasodilation. By improving circulation, l-arginine decreases an individual’s risk for certain heart diseases. Learn how L-arginine benefits the arteries here. Then jump over and watch Hannah’s testimonial regarding her family’s history with heart disease.


The heart benefits of l-arginine can also impact your energy levels. As your heart becomes stronger, your arteries widen and your circulation improves, oxygen and nutrients are delivered every tissue in your body more efficiently than every before. This increase in oxygen and nutrients gives your body the energy it needs to get through the day. Check out Dr. John’s testimonial regarding his increased energy and improved heart health.

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