It’s that time of year, when heart healthy solutions become the hot topic of discussion. You’re joining the gym again, committing to a healthier diet, getting exercise, reducing stress, and taking the right L-carnitine supplements. This is the time of year when everything falls into place. You feel hopeful about 2012, and ready to truly commit yourself to the cause of a healthier you. But how do you do it? We’re here to help.

L-Arginine Supplements

The health benefits of l-arginine are truly remarkable. This is definitely a supplement that you need to consider when working on your New Year’s Resolutions. When you’re getting your Year End physical, ask your family physician about the benefits of L-arginine, L-citrulline, and L-carnitine. It is well known how effective L-arginine is at improving circulation, improving oxygen transport to the extremities, lowering blood pressure, and increasing energy. These are proven results of taking L-arginine supplements like Cardio Juvenate Plus, and a great way to get your heart healthy 2012 off on the right track.

L-Carnitine Supplements

No matter what your weight, your cardio-health, or your diet, the single, most popular New Year’s Resolution year after year is to get in shape and lose weight. It never fails; you join the gym, hit it hard for a week or two, and fall off the wagon before the end of January. The number one reason for falling off the wagon is not seeing results quickly enough, or not feeling energized to get over that hump.

Fortunately, L-carnitine can help get you over that hump and stick with your New Year’s Resolution.  L-Carnitine is an amino acid, like L-arginine and L-citrulline, that facilitates the transport of fat into mitochondria, which is essential for creating energy. Studies have also shown L-carnitine to increase brain function and neurotransmitter activity, repair nerve damage, and improve heart function.

When the body creates energy, it burns more fat, thus you see those weight loss results that you’ve been hoping for. Combined with the proper diet and cardio exercises, L-carnitine supplements can be effective tools for weight loss and increased energy, just the thing that you need to keep you sticking with your New Year’s Resolutions this year.

New Year’s Resolution Excuses

What are you excuses for giving up on your New Year’s Resolutions? Too tired? Not enough energy? Not seeing results? We can take care of all of those reasons with one simple, heart healthy drink before your workouts. Don’t have time? Make time! Cardiovascular health should be your top priority in 2012. No matter how busy you are, the best way to relieve stress, increase your healthy years, and make your heart happy is to get the right supplements, eat right, and exercise.