One of the amazing benefits of L-Arginine is its ability to facilitate healthy blood flow, thus keeping your heart healthy. Cardiovascular diseases are caused by many risk factors, some of them completely preventable, some of them unfortunately not. I came across an interesting article from Reuters Health this morning featuring the remarkable affect that stress after tragedy  has on heart health.


Hurricane Katrina and Heart Health

Researchers at Tulane University Hospital found that over the three years following the 2005 hurricane, 2 percent of patient admissions were for heart attack. That compared with 0.7 percent in the two years before Katrina. (Reuters Health)

According to the research, even three years after Hurricane Katrina, patients were “more likely to be unemployed, to lack health insurance and to smoke.” All of these factors compiled with the post-traumatic stress from this tragic event to dramatically increase anxiety levels and the risk for heart attacks.

There are so many variables to consider when taking a look at these numbers, including the fact that each post-Katrina patient was less likely to eat a balanced diet if they were misplaced from their homes, less likely to get exercise and less likely to take prescribed medications that were lost in the disaster.

Every single thing that you do in your life affects your heart health, from what activities you pursue, the foods you eat, the exercise you get, the work you do, how many hours you sit at work, and how much stress you’re under. Traumatic experiences like Hurricane Katrina, a death in the family, or returning from a war zone can trigger many cardiovascular diseases.

Take a look into the benefits of L-arginine with regards to heart health this holiday season.