Now that the holidays are officially in full swing, your diet has likely taken a back seat to all of the festivities. If you work in an office environment, you are likely seeing a new sweet treat almost every day and the weekends are chock full of parties with an entirely new round of rich entrees and even more decadent desserts. Forget about even trying to work in any type of heart health


Not only might you be wondering how to lose a few pounds with so much temptation surrounding you, but also you might wonder how to stay heart healthy in the midst of it all. However, consider a few tips that not only help you resist the temptation, but also help you incorporate other heart healthy activities, such as getting in daily exercise, taking daily doses of l-arginine to facilitate better cardiovascular health and reducing stress when possible.


  • Find time to exercise: You might think that this means taking an hour or two to go to the gym, but who has time to do that, particularly during the busy holiday season? You can be creative and reinforce heart health by getting your workout on in other ways. Walk a little faster when you are taking your initial spin around the mall for holiday shopping; you can always come back by a particular store later. Or, convince others in your office to step outside for an afternoon break and a quick spin around the block to work off those cookie calories.
  • Take regular supplements: Depending on your needs, a supplement like fish oil capsules or l-arginine can contribute to a healthier heart. You can get some of your daily amounts via the foods you eat, but if you are just trying to improve your nutritional habits, but haven’t gotten there yet, or if you already know you have some deficiencies, then despite the craziness of the holiday season, you can still start a regimen of supplements to improve your health. Try an l-arginine supplement at the beginning of the day to reinforce your heart.
  • Make time to de-stress: What with all of the gifts to be wrapped, parties to be attended, family coming into town, it may seem like a never-ending merry-go-round of activities and obligations. However, stress is a huge heartbreaker – literally. If you are focused on heart health this holiday season, then make time to relax. Read a book or watch a family movie and just “be” so that you can unwind from all of the holiday excitement.


The more you can do to take care of yourself during the holidays, the better you set yourself up to enter the New Year. Consider just a few tips and tricks to distress this holiday season and ensure that you are doing your part to take care of your heart. A regimen of supplements, de-stressing techniques and exercise can go a long way towards taking care of your heart and living an overall healthier life as a result.