Yes, we’re biased around here. We love l-arginine and the amazing benefits of l-arginine. I mean, how can you not love this little amino acid? It increases vasodilation, thus lowering blood pressure and decreasing your risks for many cardiovascular diseases. But don’t just take our word for it, check out a brand new l-arginine study.

The Benefits of L-Arginine

Scott Forbes from the University of Alberta ran a “double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study examining a low and high dose of oral L-arginine on blood L-arginine.” According the Forbes, the popularity of L-arginine supplements raised a few questions in his mind that he needed answers to.

The reason for [l-arginine’s] popularity is twofold says Scott Forbes, a doctoral student in exercise physiology. “First, L-arginine is a precursor for nitric oxide that is known to improve blood flow, which in turn may aid the delivery of important nutrients to working muscles and assist with metabolic waste product removal. Secondly, L-arginine has been shown to increase growth hormone levels in the blood.”

Forbes also notes that “the benefits of this growth hormone are diverse, including increasing the use of fat as a fuel as well as insulin and insulin-growth factor-1 levels.”

We know well how effective L-arginine is at increasing vasodilation, a topic that Forbes also covers.

“A recent hot topic has been about nitric oxide as a vasodilator… if you can vasodilate your arteries you can potentially enhance blood flow to the muscles and enhance nutrient delivery and waste product removal.”

The study proved that the benefits of L-arginine depend on how healthy your are when you began taking it for workout results. If you are a healthy, active young male your results will vary compared to someone who might not have as much endurance or perhaps be a bit older. Forbes is continuing the study by running experiments with “strength-trained athletes and aerobically-trained athletes – cyclists in this case – to look at the impacts of L-arginine on the body during exercise.” We will keep you updated!!

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