Arginine supplements such as Cardio Juvenate are not just for bodybuilders and extreme atheletes, it’s for anyone who is interested in lowering their blood pressure, increasing their energy, and getting a better workout. Dr. John Cordova left this wonderful testimonial, explaining how Cardio Juvenate helped him and his wife.

Increased Energy

According to Dr. Cordova, Cardio Juvenate increased his energy levels enough to get through a round of golf successfully, and improve workout results. But how does this work? How can an arginine supplement like this increase energy levels? We’ve shared the many benefits of arginine in the past, but increased energy is another wonderful one.

When circulation (blood flow) improves, so does energy levels. Without getting too technical, your heart pumps blood that is oxygen-rich to all of the tissues in your body. When arteries are clogged with plaque, the heart does not pump strong enough, or blood is restricted in other ways, circulation is limited and thus oxygen cannot reach all tissues. One of the many benefits of arginine is increased vasodilation, which helps to widen the arteries allowing quicker and more efficient circulation.

In the end, increased circulation means a greater amount of oxygen getting to all tissues and all areas of the body. Increased oxygen means increase aerobic respiration, which creates ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the molecule needed for energy. Watch the video below!!