I took my blood pressure last night, just for fun. While blood pressure is something that many of us Cardio Juvenate advocates don’t have to worry about anymore, it’s always a good idea to check every so often. And, while on the topic of high blood pressure, I decided to look into the latest blood pressure research this early Monday morning. Some of the latest research is now suggesting that high blood pressure does not only concern older individuals, but affects many young adults and follows them well into the ‘sunset years.’

Researchers from the United States and United Kingdom followed almost 19,000 male students from Harvard who had their blood pressure measured when they entered college between 1914 and 1952. These men also responded to a health questionnaire mailed in the 1960s when they were an average age of almost 46. Assessments of death and cause of death were made in 1998.

According to the study, for every 13.1 mmHg increase in systolic blood pressure, a young person’s risk for cardiovascular disease later in life rises to 8%, and their risk for coronary heart disease and death rises to an amazing 14%.

Hypertension Treatment in Young Adults

Of course, exercise, a healthy diet, and perhaps some arginine supplements are needed to help combat hypertension in young adults. But, from a medical perspective, treatment for high blood pressure in young adults is not as easy at taking some medication. Even if the family physician is well aware of the blood pressure numbers and the future cardiovascular risk associated with those high numbers, he, according to the study, is still hesitant to treat the patient with hypertension medications.

Even as “national guidelines are clear on the issue: Hypertension should be treated regardless of age,” physicians are less likely to assess hypertension in young adults as a serious issue.

In a study that was published back in May of 2011, results stated that close to 19% of all young adults have high blood pressure, but only half of those 19% are aware of it. In this May study, researchers and physicians said “we also don’t know what effect this measurement would have on health. It is a one-time measurement and we don’t know where these participants were 10 years ago and where they will be 10 years from now.” With the newest research showing a high risk for cardiovascular disease among young adults with hypertension, we now have the answer to where these individuals will be in 10 years.

There is a stigma attached to high blood pressure. And while many young adults might be living right now with hypertension, their physicians, parents, even their own relationship with this stigma is preventing them from getting the treatment they need.

If you or your child is living with hypertension, but is not quite ready to face the stigma head on, give us a call and talk to one of our heart healthy advocates about arginine supplements like Cardio Juevante.