How was your Thanksgiving? Was it heart healthy? While the phrase a heart healthy Thanksgiving might sound like an oxymoron, there are ways to keep your Thanksgiving and Christmas safe for your heart. And sure, we are a day late on getting this article out for Thanksgiving, but take the advice below and use it for your next holiday meal that is literally just around the corner.



One of the key ingredients to a healthy heart is moderation. Everyone has a glass of wine around the holidays, the secret is to just have one or two, not five or six. And everyone has some turkey and mash potatoes and gravy, the key is portion control and not going back for seconds.

While the holidays are all about overabundance, this holiday season consider keeping things simple, controlled, and in moderation. Your heart will thank you.

Heart Healthy Holiday Recipes has a great list of holiday, heart-friendly recipes that you might want to take a look at for the next holiday meal. These great ideas include the following:

  • Instead of green-bean-casserole, consider Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and sage
  • Instead of marshmallow topped candied yams, consider maple-roasted sweet potates
  • Instead of butter basted, fried and often oily turkey, consider apple-shallot roasted turkey with an herb-rub
  • Instead of chocolate, apple, or old-fashioned pumpkin pie, consider a pumpkin mousse pie with light whipped topping
  • Instead of buying packets of powdered gravy or using the oily drippings from the turkey pan, consider some reduced-sodium chicken stock, apple cider and cider vinegar gravy

There really are thousands of ways that you can enjoy the holidays and the holiday food without going overboard. As always, don’t forget to grab your Cardio Juvenate shake infused with all of the nutrients (like arginine and vitamin D) that you body needs to maintain a healthy heart. Happy Holidays!