Nitric oxide is involved in nearly every function of the body, the most important being facilitating blood flow throughout the body. Nearly 20 years ago, nitric oxide was tagged the “molecule of the year” by the journal Science. But understanding the exact function of arginine in nitric oxide production has proved difficult for many researchers and scientists, thus the term ‘the arginine paradox’ was born.


The Arginine Paradox

“Arginine is the single amino acid in the body that makes nitric oxide,” said Dr. Brendan Lee, professor of molecular and human genetics and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at Baylor College of Medicine. Even though there may be sufficient arginine in the cell to produce enough nitric oxide for the cell’s needs, giving more arginine results in the production of more nitric oxide. That is the arginine paradox, accordint to the Baylor College of Medicine.


Researchers at BCM have discovered that argininosuccinate lyase, the enzyme critical to making arginine, is crucial to proper nitric oxide production and body function. According to BCM, patients who lack this enzyme have high ammonia levels that can damage their brains and other organs.


In the BCM article, researchers pointed to a 3 –year-old patient who, lacking this important enzyme, has extremely high blood pressure. At 3-years-old, high blood pressure is a sign of serious complications within the body. The enzyme deficiency created a domino effect, where arginine could not be created and thus nitric oxide could not get the blood flowing properly throughout the body.


What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is one of the chief components of Cardio Juvenate, as well as a key component in the production of nitric oxide. A synthesis occurs within the body which converts arginine into nitric oxide, and according to this latest research that synthesis requires the enzyme argininosucceniate lyase. It all leads to healthy circulation and helps to lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases. For more information on arginine supplements, check us out.