If you’re concerned about your heart health, you probably maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of activity, a healthy diet, and your heart supplements. However, how often do you stop to think about how stress and proper breathing techniques affect your heart?

Breathing To Lower Blood Pressure

According to the Associated Press, taking fewer than 10 breaths a minute can reduce bad blood pressure and ultimately reduce your risk for heart disease.

An estimated 65 million Americans have high blood pressure, putting them at increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, blindness and dementia. Many don’t know it. Hypertension is often called the silent killer, because patients may notice no symptoms until it already has done serious damage. – AP

Simply maintaining proper breathing techniques can help lower hypertension, stress, and heart disease. Try this:

  • Place one hand over your chest and the other on your abdomen. Breathe in and notice that the abdomen should rise higher than the chest. Exhale through the mouth.
  • Next, take a deep breath in through your nose, counting to 7. Slowly breathe out while counting to 8.
  • Rinse and repeat

Heart Healthy Breathing App

There are a million mobile apps available to get healthy, from carb counters to heart rate monitors, but a new heart healthy just might help you improve your breathing and lower your blood pressure. At least, those are the claims.

“People don’t realize the profound impact that slow breathing can have until they actually sit down and do it for 10 minutes and then they feel completely different,” said Savannah DeVarney, vice president of product marketing for MyBrainSolutions, the creators of the app. –Reuters

By wearing an ear piece, the mobile app will track your breathing patterns and heart rate to determine each individual’s “optimal breathing rate.” By finding each individual’s optimal breathing rate, the makers of this app claim it can increase the variability of the user’s heart rate to lower stress levels.

Is it a Halloween Hoax?

What do you think? Can an app truly help you lower your blood pressure and decrease your risk for heart disease? While the opinions are all over the place on this one, and the research pretty much non-existent on whether this specific app can help find your “optimal breathing rate,” there are some things that you can do to improve heart health.

Yes, breathing right will lower blood pressure. There are a variety of techniques that you can use to find a breathing a pattern that works for you. Yoga and meditation are great ways to focus on your breathing and improve heart health.

Exercise and a proper diet with a heart healthy shake like Cardio Juvenate can help as well.