It seems that every day we are bombarded with new studies regarding what we should eat, what we should drink, and what we should be avoiding. The irony is that what one study tells us today, another will reverse tomorrow. The question that remains after a newly published study in the Archives of Internal Medicine is this; ‘are dietary supplements beneficial or not?’ While we still might not have definitive answers to that question, we do know that, in the case of heart health, hard science and a Nobel Prize recipient have found an answer in Cardio~Juvenate+.

New Supplement Research

According to the recent study of more than 38,000 older women in Iowa, those who took a daily vitamin or dietary supplement were at greater risk of dying from a cardiovascular disease and/or cancer. The study meant to look at the long-term effects of taking daily supplements packed full of the vitamins and minerals that we should be getting from simply maintaining a healthy diet. Those women who did not have a severe nutritional deficiency and yet were taking daily supplements to combat chronic illness or disease actually increased their risk for the exact conditions they were trying to avoid.

The flaw in this particular study, however, is the reliance on personal reports. Surveys were conducted to determine what supplements each participant was taking from 1986 to 2004. And while the results are shocking, it is important to note that these results were based on personal, self-reported supplement use.

Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Health

The study does bring up some interesting aspects of why we take supplements such as multivitamins, zinc and folic acid. The old saying ‘less is more’ truly does not apply to the consumer of 2011. If calcium increases bone mass, we want “megadoses” of calcium. If we’re told that omega 3 can reduce joint pain, we want the vitapak with every other vitamin that is similar. An important factor that this recent study shows us is that more is not always better, and our hearts our paying the price.

Cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and stroke, are the number one cause of death in the world, and yet these conditions are completely preventable. As we overuse vitamins and supplements to make up for our poor diets and exercise regiments, we are placing an amazing amount of stress on our cardiovascular health.

While drug companies were hitting the market running with multivitamins and dietary supplements, Dr. Louis Ignarro was winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his remarkable work on the heart healthy properties of nitric oxide. And, as the recent study points to the fact that multivitamins and supplements might increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, Cardio~Juvenate+ dramatically reduces the risk of these diseases as it improves blood flow to vital organs.

More than half of all Americans take daily multivitamins, and that number has been on the rise since 1994. As these ‘megadoses’ enter our bodies and impact our cardiovascular health, Cardio~Juvenate+ is your answer.