L-Arginine benefits, L-Carnitine benefits in a heart healthy nutrition supplement.

Heart Healthy Holiday Foods and Substitutes

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You should do your best to make healthy eating choices this holiday season, in spite of all the delicious but sometimes unhealthy foods that you might come across. Along with healthy eating you should also consider taking arginine supplements and other supplements that can keep your heart healthy during the holiday months. By substituting healthy foods, exercising, and taking arginine supplements and other heart benefitting supplements, you can also avoid the weight gain associated with the holiday season.   Avoid the high calorie dishes and make substitutes with healthy foods To keep...

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Women, Emotional Stress, and Heart Attacks

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Women tend to stress more and internalize their emotions more than men. That’s not a statement of experience, or ignorance, it’s a statement of fact that has been proven through science over the years. Unfortunately, because of this internalization of emotions and stress, research is also finding that this type of stress leaves women with coronary heart disease open for great complications, including decreased blood flow to the heart.   Emotional Stress and a Woman’s Heart In general, women tend to develop heart disease later in life than men, but younger women who have...

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I Read This Amazing Headline About Heart Attacks During the Holidays, Clicked the Link, and You Won’t Believe What I Learned!

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The holidays can be exhausting for anyone, but for those at risk for heart disease or stroke, the holidays can be downright scary. The ‘Merry Christmas coronary’ is not a fluke, not an imaginary trend that physicians made up to get their patients in to see them – it’s a researched and proven phenomena that happens every year around this time.   “We certainly know that there are certain risk factors for coronary artery disease. There’s obviously smoking, hypertension, dyslipidemia [high cholesterol], diabetes, lack of exercise, and age,” says Robert A. Kloner, MD, PhD, a...

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Fight the Ladykiller – Women and Heart Disease Awareness

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What do Jennifer Hudson and Barbra Streisand have in common besides music?  Both have teamed up with The Women’s Heart Alliance to spread awareness about heart disease in women. Heart disease is the nations number one killer of women, yet focus throughout the nation continues to rest upon breast cancer, and research on heart disease for women is thin. It’s for these reasons, and many more, that a new campaign has been launched titled “Fight the Ladykiller,” encouraging women to educate themselves about heart disease, get screened and learn the differences between men’s heart...

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Low Energy? Top 5 Ways to Increase Vitality Naturally

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Energy – something we all seem to need more of while we continually feel as if it’s always running out. Here at, we like to use the word vitality to describe the amount of enthusiasm, vigor and drive you have for life and love. When we have a great deal of vitality, we feel invigorated, young, excited and happy. Many times, feeling low vitality can be a simply change of thought process, but there are times when larger changes need to be made to give you back that energy you once had.   Cardio Juvenate is a great option for individuals looking to increase vitality...

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Preventing a Heart Attack Can Literally Save Your Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

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Our key focus here at is to get your heart healthy with safe, all-natural alternatives, like our Cardio Juvenate Plus. However, as often as we talk about heart health and the importance of leading a heart healthy life, we seem to hit a brick wall with many of our readers who just can’t quite come to terms with those serious lifestyle changes. But we understand – it’s difficult to envision how a heart attack might change your life until you have one. With that said, I’d like to take a different approach to our heart healthy discussions with a topic that everyone can...

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