L-Arginine benefits, L-Carnitine benefits in a heart healthy nutrition supplement.

The Holidays, Sugar Overload, and Your Heart

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Salt has always been a source of concern for anyone battle heart disease, particularly high cholesterol. Physicians and specialists have told their patients for years how crucial a salt-free diet, or at least low-salt diet, is to maintain a healthy heart. But a recent study, though not refuting any advice to avoid salt, states that “we should be more concerned about added sugars in our diet.”   According to WebMD, published in the BMJ’s online journal Open Heart, the analysis of published evidence says added sugars in processed foods are likely to have a greater role in high...

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What the Studies Say about Arginine and Cardiovascular Health

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There are numerous studies that confirm the cardiovascular health benefits of arginine, an amino acid found naturally in high quantities in foods like nuts, meat, fish, and dairy products. Arginine has shown in several studies and trials to help with angina, congestive heart failure, and high blood pressure. It can also help with treating erectile dysfunction, decreased mental capacity, and blocked arteries in the legs and many other conditions. Arginine is used as a supplementary treatment for these conditions, and the effect of arginine on the cardiovascular system is still being...

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Non-Alcoholic Red Wine Good For The Heart

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Wine-lovers everywhere rejoiced when it was announced that a glass of red wine can be quite heart healthy. However, for those that would rather develop heart-healthy habits in a non-alcoholic way, the options included the benefits of arginine as well as healthy lifestyle choices, but no imbibing. A new study is showing, though, that non-alcoholic red wine can also have positive heart healthy benefits, as well… The study, published in Circulation Research – an online journal, showed that among 67 people with heart risk factors, studies showed that non-alcoholic red wine helped reduce...

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Like it Sweet? Try These Sugar Alternatives

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Just the other day we published a study on our Facebook Page showing how detrimental sugar can be to overall health. Here’s the not-so-sweet taste: New research spotlights the role that added sugar in kids’ diets plays in the development of metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that can result in diabetes and heart disease. The study tracked 43 black and Hispanic youths who presented signs of metabolic syndrome. But don’t fret, there are natural alternatives to sugar that will satisfy any sweet tooth, and keep your heart healthy and your cholesterol low: Baking This...

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The After-Halloween Detox for Lower Blood Pressure

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You made it! You survived Halloween! Congratulations! Did you slip up? Did you have a candy, or two, or five? That’s ok, because we’re here to provide you with your after-Halloween detox to help get your body back on track before the next holiday rolls around… Water Drink more water! Seriously, the best way to detox is to give your body the one essential element that will clean it and flush out everything that you’re body doesn’t need. Sugar Just eat less of it this week! Sleep Get more sleep. Holiday season is rough on the body, especially when it comes to...

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Scary Temptations of Halloween

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Halloween isn’t just about the candy and the costumes. For many, Halloween is a reminder of just how scary this time of year is for those with high blood pressure. The long walk about the neighborhood, the temptations that arise when friends and family come into town, the yummy but very unhealthy foods, the alcohol at every party, and so much more. To be honest, this time of year is can be a horrible nightmare for anyone living with Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or high cholesterol. But there are some things that you can do to avoid falling into that same unhealthy trap...

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