L-Arginine benefits, L-Carnitine benefits in a heart healthy nutrition supplement.

Acupuncture Another Way To Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

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According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, one in every three adults has high blood pressure in American. Hypertension puts you at risk for a number of health conditions, including heart disease and stroke, to name a few. When it comes to ways to lower blood pressure naturally, there may be more options than you think. Prescription medication is no longer the only way to get those hypertension numbers down. From incorporating certain foods into your diet to getting plenty of fresh air and exercise to using arginine supplements and reducing sodium in your diet, the ways...

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High Blood Pressure Misconceptions and Education

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According to the American Heart Association, about 76.4 million people age 20 and older have high blood pressure. That’s one in three adults here in the United States…. Amazingly, over 50% of those adults either don’t know they have high blood pressure or are completely unaware how to control it. Education and awareness are key elements in not only treating high blood pressure, but preventing it all together. High Blood Pressure and a Lack of Knowledge Unfortunately, though high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is one of the deadliest diseases in the United States,...

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How Food Can Actually Act as Medicine

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At, where positivity and natural solutions to better living are our main goals, we strive to promote not only our heart healthy supplement but maintaining a heart healthy diet. You are, literally, what you eat, and there is no part of your body that understands that more then your heart and cardiovascular system. Poor diet leads to poor health, particularly for your heart, while a healthy, all-natural diet leads to improved health and a stronger heart.   New research has emerged from the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona that daily fruit consumption...

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Increase Vitality with these 5 Natural Tips

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Energy – something we all seem to need more of while we continually feel as if it’s always running out. Here at, we like to use the word vitality to describe the amount of enthusiasm, vigor and drive you have for life and love. When we have a great deal of vitality, we feel invigorated, young, excited and happy. Many times, feeling low vitality can be a simply change of thought process, but there are times when larger changes need to be made to give you back that energy you once had.   Cardio Juvenate is a great option for individuals looking to increase vitality...

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Tips for More Effective Meditating

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Of all the different ways that you can improve your cardiovascular condition, finding ways to relax should be easy, right? Unfortunately, many people find that they have difficult relaxing and resting effectively, causing their heart to work harder and under more stress than needed. Meditation for heart health, when performed correctly, is highly effective for improving a person’s well-being.   To meditate more effectively, you should: Tip #1: Set Specific Times for Meditation When you sit down to meditate and all you can think about is your to-do list or how much time you...

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Lesser Known Signs of Poor Heart Health

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Did you know that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States? Many other countries find that cardiovascular problems are common causes of death as well. As a result, people around the world know some common signs of heart health problems, like the symptoms of a heart attack.   However, some signs of heart health issues show up long before the issue is so serious or deadly. That’s a major reason why it is so important for people to get checkups regularly.   Learn to spot lesser known signs of poor heart health so you can schedule more checkups as...

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