L-Arginine benefits, L-Carnitine benefits in a heart healthy nutrition supplement.

Study: Sitting and Your Heart Health

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We all know by now how detrimental sitting all day can be for your overall health, specifically your heart health. And the sad fact of the matter is that no matter how often you exercise, or how vigorously you exercise, sitting for over 8 hours a day, every Monday through Friday, and than sitting on the couch at home to relax, is doing horrible things to your heart health. There’s been quite a lot of recent research on sitting and heart health, but a study has just come out shedding even more light on the ineffectiveness of exercise after sitting all day. “Heavy sitters showed a 90%...

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Heart Study: Childhood Trauma and Adult Heart Health

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As diligent readers of the blog, I’m sure you know by now how detrimental stress is to your heart health. Just earlier this week we posted some remarkable research on optimism and heart health, once again tying attitude and perception with overall health. Once again research has emerged making that connection between stress and heart health. The Heart Study In a long-term study of more than 1,000 men and women, those who had a higher socioeconomic status, positive emotional factors, better parental health behaviors, fewer stressful events and better social adjustment...

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Can the Right Attitude Save Your Life?

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Studies in the past have strived to make a connection between attitude and health, particularly heart health. With a positive attitude, it’s said that can directly impact a positively healthy heart. We believe it, and yet maintaining a positive attitude to improve heart healthy can be tough, especially when you’re attempting to make those life changes to lower blood pressure and/or lower cholesterol. But, with the proof that it works and the right motivation, you can become a more optimistic person and at the same time improve your heart health.   Optimism and Cardiovascular...

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Eat What You Love, For Me Avocado for Heart Health

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We do what we can to promote a healthy lifestyle, from encouraging exercise and healthy lifestyle habits to promoting Cardio Juvenate, our L-arginine supplement that has helped so many to lower high blood pressure naturally. Just the other day I spent a great deal of time focusing on the importance of personalizing a heart healthy strategy, and today I want to talk about the importance of personalizing your heart healthy diet with the foods you love to eat. For me, it’s avocado….   Avocado Lowers Bad Cholesterol An amazing research study has been published in the The Journal of the...

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Do Your New Year Resolutions Include a Personalized Strategy for Heart Health?

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in Arginine Supplements, Happier and Healthier, News, Reduce Blood Pressure Without Medication | Comments Off

There are more ways to improve your heart health then you probably realize, from medications to exercise, quitting smoking and spending more time outdoors – but which heart healthy solutions are fit for you? Have you ever personalized your own heart healthy routine to only include those aspects that will work for you?   If you struggle with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, getting those numbers down may be the battle of your life. You’re told by physicians, family and friends to eat better, exercise more, get off that couch, lower your stress, laugh more, relax more, and a...

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Get Healthy In The New Year (UPDATE 2015)

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Now that 2014 has made its approach and final entrance, New Year’s resolutions are in play for people around the world. Many of these resolutions are centered on getting as healthy as possible, often through the regulation of diet and exercise. These resolutions can have a positive effect on health in general, resulting in the ability to naturally lower blood pressure and have more energy. As you get healthy for the New Year, consider a few tips: Consult your physician ahead of starting any new program: Before you make any major changes in your health goals, consult with your physician....

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