L-Arginine benefits, L-Carnitine benefits in a heart healthy nutrition supplement.

Stress, Gender and Heart Disease

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Stress is a huge factor when it comes to a person’s risk for heart disease. While family history, habits, exercise and diet usually take up most of the conversation space for heart disease risk factors, stress can increase your risk dramatically. But new research is showing not only how impactful stress can be to your heart health, but how gender plays a roll in stress and cardiovascular events.   “The relationship between mental stress and cardiovascular disease is well known,” study author Dr. Zainab Samad, an assistant professor of medicine at Duke University Medical...

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Vegans, B12 and Heart Disease

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November is Vegan Awareness Month, so we are taking some in-depth perspectives on what it means to live the vegan lifestyle, how heart healthy is living vegan, and how heart disease and veganism is related. There is a common assumption that vegans life the healthiest lifestyle of any American; they eat right, exercise, avoid environmental toxins, and attempt to do everything in a ‘green’ way. While that might be true, there are some scary studies out there pointing to the connection between veganism and heart disease. Vegans and Heart Health At Erase Disease, we love the vegan lifestyle...

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What is the Connection Between Arginine, Viagra and Heart Disease?

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If you follow us here on, you know how important we feel arginine is to improving circulation and essentially giving you a healthier, happier life. The blood in your body flows and sustains every single organ with the nutrients and energy they need to perform at their highest abilities – this includes the heart organ. And so when I came across a new study that has confirmed Viagra is safe for heart disease treatment, we weren’t surprised.   Arginine and Viagra There is a reason that physicians will advise you not to take arginine supplements while taking something...

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If You Have Heart Disease, Don’t Skip This Year’s Flu Shot

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Flu season can be tough for anyone with immune system weaknesses from disease or illness. Those at the most risk, children and seniors, face greater challenges when it comes to the flu shot. But no one needs a flu shot more then those living with cardiovascular disease.   According to, death from the flu is more common among people with heart disease than among people with any other chronic condition. This is huge information and incredibly important for those who have loved ones with cardiovascular disease.   While the flu might be the most common killer among those...

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Heart Disease Away

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You know that eating healthy and exercising can save your life. You know it because we talk about it here on nearly every day. Heart disease can be prevented, even if you have a family history of heart attack and stroke, your due diligence can fend off the seemingly inevitable.   Every week there are new studies emerging showing us just how important diet and exercise truly are to preventing heart disease. Here at we know that maintaining a heart healthy diet while getting active and drinking our arginine-infused shakes can make a difference in your...

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What is Arginine?

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What is Arginine?

We talk a lot about Arginine here in association with heart health and nutritional shakes, but what you might not know is how important arginine is to maintain strong cardiovascular health and overall circulation. How important is circulation, you ask? Extremely.   Arginine and Vasodilation According to the MayoClinic, and many other resources and experts, there are massive amounts of evidence which suggest that arginine may help treat medical conditions that improve with increased vasodilation. Simply speaking, this essential amino acid has the amazing ability to widen the blood vessels,...

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