Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

L-Arginine supplements can naturally lower high blood pressure.

Naturally Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

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It’s important to maintain a normal blood cholesterol to reduce your risk of heart disease, and there are several ways to lower it naturally without the need for statins or medications. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can prevent your cholesterol levels from getting too high in the first place, but if your cholesterol is already high you should consider some of the following techniques to lower it. Avoid unhealthy fats Unhealthy fats and saturated fat from some sources are associated with higher cholesterol levels. In particular, fat from processed foods and junk foods can increase...

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Get Healthy In The New Year (UPDATE 2015)

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Now that 2014 has made its approach and final entrance, New Year’s resolutions are in play for people around the world. Many of these resolutions are centered on getting as healthy as possible, often through the regulation of diet and exercise. These resolutions can have a positive effect on health in general, resulting in the ability to naturally lower blood pressure and have more energy. As you get healthy for the New Year, consider a few tips: Consult your physician ahead of starting any new program: Before you make any major changes in your health goals, consult with your physician....

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How Arginine Supplements Can Save Christmas

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The holidays are a time to be merry and joyous, but some of the season’s indulgences can have a directly negative effect on your health. The winter holiday season is the period of time when heart attacks and heart disease are at their deadliest. Some causes for this, according to multiple research reports, include the increased richness and volume of meals, the increased alcohol consumption at the holidays, and — last but not least — the added stress the holiday months provide.     The Holidays and Heart Disease Heart attacks hit their peak rates on Christmas Day and...

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Recognizing the Signs of Heart Disease in Women

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On television and in the movies, the signs of a heart attack are clear – the actress grabs her chest, has a hard time breathing, falls to the ground and the paramedics are called. In real life, though, the signs are not as obvious, especially the signs and symptoms of heart disease in women. Women typically don’t suffer the signs usually associated with heart attacks and in real life, the signs of a heart attack are so subtle that they can be easily overlooked. One of the most frequent warning signs that women face is fatigue – let’s face it, this is a hard symptom to isolate from...

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Vegans, B12 and Heart Disease

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November is Vegan Awareness Month, so we are taking some in-depth perspectives on what it means to live the vegan lifestyle, how heart healthy is living vegan, and how heart disease and veganism is related. There is a common assumption that vegans life the healthiest lifestyle of any American; they eat right, exercise, avoid environmental toxins, and attempt to do everything in a ‘green’ way. While that might be true, there are some scary studies out there pointing to the connection between veganism and heart disease. Vegans and Heart Health At Erase Disease, we love the vegan lifestyle...

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5 Lesser Known Facts of Benefits of Exercise!

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We know the main benefits of exercise – they’re touted on news and documentary specials constantly.  Reduce high blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and weight control are just 3; but here are some facts you may not be aware of that show exercise truly is an essential part for any health routine.    1. Back in August 2005, Harvard Health reported that “women with breast cancer who walk three or more hours a week (or exercise more strenuously for shorter periods) have a lower risk of dying of breast cancer than those who exercise less.   2. Dr. Neiman, of Appalachian...

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